Course Rules

By Admin - March 2 2011
Course Rules Course Rules - updated 24//6/13



The course includes the golf course, ladies' and gentlemen’s locker/changing rooms, putting green and immediate area.

1.     The Captains always have priority on the 1st tee.


2.   Fee paying visitors are not allowed on men’s competition days except at the following times; Weekends after 3.00 pm and Wednesdays between 10.00 am – 12 noon. Visitors must play from the yellow tees and the member, signing in visitors, cannot play in the day’s competition.


3.     Pitching and chipping to the practice putting green are not permitted.


4.     Players are expected to be on the first tee 5 minutes before the time they have booked to play.


5.    Practice is only allowed on the designated practice areas which are integral parts of the course.  These areas will remain open at all times.


6.     Single players have no standing and must give way to any other form of match.  A single player must not have more than 2 balls in play.


7.      Only assistance dogs are allowed on the course.


8.      Course or holes closed notices must be observed at all times.


9.    The sharing of one bag of clubs between 2 or more players is not permitted except on special occasions as designated by the Committee.


10.     Members and visitors must wear acceptable golf clothing at all times.  Men’s golf shirts must have collars, other than polo necks or mock turtle or turtle neck design and sports golf zipped shirts which are all acceptable.

Ladies golf shirts with collars may be sleeveless & ladies shirts with round necks must have sleeves.

Dress shorts are acceptable i.e. tailored not sports or cargo. The wearing of denim jeans, training shoes, track suits, shell suits, and football-type shirts is not allowed and neither is trousers tucked inside socks.


11.     The Club accepts no liability for the loss of, or damage to property; or for injury caused or suffered by members or visitors on the course.  Golfers are advised to have their own third party insurance cover.


12.    Players should not cut in unless there is a full clear hole.  They shall have no standing on the course thereafter.


13.     No players are permitted to play casual matches from the medal tees at any time unless approved by the Club Manager.


14.    Members may book online, from 8.00 am, 8 days in advance of the day they wish to play. Members are reminded that they may only book one time per day.


The timesheet is available for booking as follows: Mon to Fri - from 7.00 am on the day of play.

Sat - from 7.00 pm on the Thursday prior. Sun – from 7.00 pm on the Friday prior.

Sat & Sun red times may only be reserved on day of play.

Wed men’s competition days – from 7.00 pm on the Monday prior.

Any remaining times may be booked by telephone (Professional shop number 285 5481) after 9.00am on day following availability of timesheet. Members are reminded that they may only book the time they intend to play.


15.   The carrying of bags in winter and when conditions are wet is encouraged, and occasionally mandatory.


16.    Greens staff will have priority on the course before 7.00am on a weekend competition day and 9.00am weekdays.


17.     No fourballs will be allowed on men’s competition days until 6.00pm.  These players must not play in the day’s competition. For Ladies competition days see page 89.


18.    Members must display their bag tag with the sticker for the current year.  Visitors must display their green fee tag.


19.   Trespassers on the Course: Incidents involving confrontation, intimidation or threatening behaviour, the commission of vandalism or theft by trespassers, should be notified immediately as they occur to the ‘Crime & Disorder Unit’ Northumbria Police, Tel: 101. Please notify the Club Manager of the incident at the earliest opportunity to assist with follow up inquiry.


20.    Any member causing damage to the land comprising of the course, or anything growing thereon or erected thereon or the Greenkeepers building or other asset will be held responsible for the cost of repairs, renewal or replacement of such property. A member who is reported for a breach of the rules could be required to appear before the Committee.


21.    Mobile phones should be turned off or in silent mode on the course