Membership Fees 2016-17

By kathm - March 17 2016
Membership Fees 2016-17 Annual Membership Fees 2016-17



·         All rates apply to both male and female members

·         Age related membership refer to the members age on 1st April 2016

·         FAR is a reduction in compensation for the disruption caused during works undertaken by Northumbria Water for existing members



Full Membership

£635                          25

Full Reduced Membership – note 1

£520                          20                

Community Membership – note 2

£500                          N/A

Country Membership – note 3

£318                          18

Beginners Membership – note 4

£300                          N/A

Social Golf Membership – 5

£175                          N/A

Suspended Membership - 6

£50                             N/A

Intermediate Membership – aged 25-29

£520                           20

Intermediate Membership – aged 21 – 24

£416                           16

Junior aged under 12

£50                                2

Junior aged 13 - 17

£90                                4

Junior aged 18-20

£200                              8

Social Membership


NUGC Membership

£3.50 (men) £3.00 (ladies)

England Golf Membership

£8.25 (men) £10.75 (ladies)



Lower Locker


Upper Locker


Double Locker


Junior Locker




*Members leave their property at the Club at their own risk and we advise that they take out their own insurance against loss or damage





Junior/Intermediate – note 7

£0 -£150



Visitors Fees – Adult

£28 per round/£40 per day

Vistors Fees – aged 17 and under

£10 per round

Visitors signed in by/playing with a member - Adult

Aged 17 and under

£14 per round

£5 per round

England County Card Scheme

£18 per round

Northumberland County Card Scheme (aged over 65)

£10 per round




£20 per round


£10 per round


1)   Members who have reached state retirement age, have 20 or more years of continuous membership and are not in paid employment are entitled to full membership for the reduced rate of £520 upon application.   Excludes NUCG and England Golf fees.


2)  Community membership is available to people who have an annual income of less than £14,040.   The reduced membership fee of £500 is inclusive of NUCG and England Golf membership subscriptions.   Community membership entitles the member to play golf on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (all day) and on Saturday and Sunday after 2.00pm (April to September), or 1pm (October to March).   Community members can enter competitions run by the Clubs professional on Wednesday.


3)  Country membership is available to people who are full members of another golf club and who reside more than 50 miles from the City of Newcastle Golf Club.


4)  Beginners membership is available for the first 12 months after completion of a ‘Get into Golf’ programme and entitles the member to play   golf on one weekday evening per week and one weekend late afternoon per week on non-competition days.


 5)  Social Golf membership is available to social members and entitles members to play golf on week-days for the reduced rate of £14 per  round (summer) or £8 per round (winter).



6)  Members who wish to temporarily suspend their full membership can re-join without paying an entrance fee.  


7)  Junior/Intermediate member for 4 years or more £0

     Junior/Intermediate member for 3 years £50

     Junior/Intermediate member for 2 years £100

     Junior/Intermediate member for 1 year £150