Club House Rules

By Admin - March 3 2011
Club House Rules House Rules - updated 24/6/13



The Clubhouse includes lounges, the bar area, snooker room, reception area, veranda, garden overlooking the 18th green and smoking area by the Pro Shop.


1.         The Captains always have priority at the bar.


2.         The bar closes at 11.00 pm and members, visitors & guests should vacate the Clubhouse by 11.30 pm.  The Committee with the prior approval of the Licensing Authority may extend opening hours on specified special occasions or in exceptional circumstances may change these hours appropriately.


3.         Intoxicating liquors are not sold to anyone under the age of 18 years.  The consumption of food will not be allowed at the bar, and members and guests are prohibited from smoking anywhere in the Clubhouse, except in the designated smoking area by the Pro Shop.


4.         The Club does not accept responsibility for members' legal liabilities or for any loss of property in the Club precincts.  Members are advised to check their cover with their own insurers.


5.         The Committee has the power to prohibit any games, which in their opinion are injurious to the best interests of the club, and to suspend games in the Clubhouse when functions are being held.  Rules for playing Snooker are posted above the table.


6.         No notice of any kind may be posted in the Clubhouse except by the authority of the Club Manager.  To disfigure or amend notices is an offence.


7.      A reasonable standard of dress is expected in the Clubhouse at all times. Obviously men & women conventionally wear different types of clothes and therefore the ‘dress code’ accommodates these differences. Smart casual wear is acceptable other than on pre-designated occasions such as the Captains’ Dinner Dance, Men’s Trophy Presentation evening etc when more formal dress is required, formal dress is defined as “Jacket, shirt with collar & tie”. Formal dress wear must also be worn in the dining area for Men’s & Juniors League Match meals and other pre-specified occasions. 

In the interest of safety & hygiene, no-one should enter the Clubhouse without footwear and men must wear socks with all types of footwear.


The wearing of the following items of clothing by members, guests and visitors is not acceptable:


Overcoats, leather jackets, football or anorak type clothing, headgear, ripped jeans, golf shoes, track

or shell suits.


Men’s shirts must have collars Polo necks or mock turtle) or turtle necked design and sports golf zipped shirts are acceptable.  'Dress' shorts are acceptable - i.e. tailored not sports or cargo.

Golf clothing and golf shoes are allowed on the veranda & garden overlooking the 18th green.


8.         No outdoor clothing, golfing equipment, shoes etc should be left in the Clubhouse, other than in the cloakroom.


9.         Golf clubs, bags, or any other items of golf equipment must not be kept in the locker rooms unless housed in a locker.


10.       Visitors:


(a)        Every member is entitled to introduce visitors subject to such regulations or bye-laws as shall be made by the Committee.


(b)        Visitors shall be considered the guests and the responsibility of the members introducing them.


(c)        No person shall be introduced into the Clubhouse if they have been expelled from membership or whose conduct or presence in the clubhouse is considered by the Committee to be objectionable or prejudicial to the interests of the club.


(d)       No person shall be introduced as a guest more than 10 times in any one year even though different members may introduce them.


(e)        Social occasions and dances are considered visits for the purpose of calculating the maximum number of visits.


(f)        No member shall introduce more than 3 visitors at one time and no visitor shall be introduced after 10.00pm except at specially arranged functions.


(g)        The names and addresses of all guests with the name of the member introducing them must be entered in the visitors’ book in the entrance hall.


(h)        By arrangement with the Club Manager, members may bring parties into the Clubhouse.  List of the names of all party members must be presented to the Club Manager. Club members of the party are responsible for the conduct of other party members.


11.       Green fee paying visitors, players and officials of visiting teams are deemed honorary members for the day of their visit.


12.       Any member causing damage to the Clubhouse, Locker Rooms, other building or any Club property will be held responsible for the cost of repairs, renewal or replacement of such property. 


13.       Only assistance dogs are allowed in the Clubhouse.


14.       Mobile telephones may only be used to receive calls in the Clubhouse.  Any conversation must then be held outside the public areas of the Clubhouse, as must the making of calls on such telephones.


15.       A pay telephone is provided behind the bar in the cloakroom for the use of members and visitors.  The “club” telephones located behind the bar, in the Club Manager’s Office and Professional’s Shop are not for general use and must only be used in cases of emergency.


16.       Any member who is reported for a breach or breaches of the rules could be required to appear before the Committee.


17.       All complaints to be made in writing to the Club Manager.


18.       Additional rules apply to Juniors:


(a)  No junior aged 15 & under is allowed in the Clubhouse after 7.00pm excepting that in summer (April to September) a deadline of 9.30 pm applies if accompanied by a responsible adult.


(b)  Juniors aged 16 and 17 are allowed in the Clubhouse up until 9.30pm at all times.


(c)   Permission may be given by the Club Manager to attend special functions (games, film nights, etc) outside the permitted hours and for Junior League Team members to attend suppers after league matches etc. along with visiting team members.


(d)   No junior under the age of 18 is allowed to purchase or consume alcohol on the Club premises.


(e)  No junior under the age of 18 is allowed to play the gaming machines or card games etc for money.


(f)  No junior under the age of 18 may play snooker or darts unless playing with an adult member over 21 years of age.


(g)  No junior member may invite a guest into the Club other than for the purpose of playing golf.


(h)  Any complaints to be handed initially by the Junior Captain and then if necessary passed to the General Committee.