DSE Short Course 2005 - Records tumble

By Rhys Roberts - October 25 2005
DSE Short Course 2005 - Records tumble 13 World and 16 European records (subject to ratification) were broken at the DSE National Short Course 2005 this past weekend. (22-23/10/2005)

DSE National Short Course Swimming Championships 2005

22nd/23rd October

Ponds Forge, Sheffield


13 World and 16 European records (subject to ratification) were broken at a fantastic showcase of disability swimming during the weekend. The Short

Course event is a compulsory meet for British Swimmers, but nobody expected the amazing tally at the last DSE swimming event of the year.


Scottish swimmer Kenny Cairns claimed 3 World and European in the S3 50m, 100m and 200m Freestyle, beating his own previous records. Sascha Kindred also amazed the crowds with 3 World and European in the SB7 50m Breaststroke, SM6 100m and 200m Individual Medley. Other record breakers included young Rachael Latham, who broke the S8 100m Butterfly world record; Claire Cashmore, in the S9 50m Freestyle and Shaun Potts in the S4 50m



Over 200 swimmers with disabilities took part from all Home Countries. To compete at this event, swimmers would have qualified at regional competitions. Swimmers included David Roberts MBE, Gareth Duke, Andrew Lindsay, James Anderson MBE, Natalie Jones, Nyree Lewis and Sarah Bailey MBE.


Sarah Bailey MBE announced her retirement from international competition at the weekend. Sarah who has been competing at DSE events for thirteen years is moving on to another sport- cycling. After a series of ear infections which stopped her training in the pool, Sarah amazed all with her cycling talent. She competed at the Paralympic Open European Cycling Championships in August, where she claimed 3 golds.


Sarah will still compete at the DSE National events, but ceased her successful international career at this very event. She remarks about this event: -


“Everyone loves to swim fast, especially at Short Course as the pressure is off with regards to funding times and British Swimming requirements. DSE is the best set up in the world for grassroots and aspiring talent. With limited resources it does an amazing job!”


After a long battle over the two days, the Team Trophy points came down to the last few heats for the regions to make their make on the totals. Scotland and Eastern were very close, when Eastern rallied their swimmers and lifted the winning trophy in the awards presentation.


Despite the pressure being off, this event highlighted the importance of the DSE swimming programme. This event is run with thanks to support from Sheffield City Council and Ponds Forge International Sports Centre. Water Direct provide the bottled drinks.


DISABILITY SPORT EVENTS swimming programme focuses on skills and talent development as well as building confidence through the medium of sport. Interested corporate supporters parties are invited to contact Sarah Marl at Head Office on 0161 953 2438.


Record Breakers

Fran Williamson:     

World/ European       S3 50m Freestyle               1.06.64


Claire Cashmore:    

World/ European       S9 50m Freestyle               30.73


Kenneth Cairns:      

World/ European       S3 50m Freestyle               55.55

World/ European       S3 100m Freestyle              1.58.05

World/ European       S3 200 Freestyle                4.01.66


Jody Cundy:             

European                 S10 50m Butterfly               27.29


Sascha Kindred:      

World/ European       SB7 50m Breaststroke         37.90

World/ European       SM6 100m IM                    1.18.26

World/ European       SM6 200m IM                     2.48.76


Elizabeth Johnson: 

World/ European       SB6 50m Breaststroke         47.77


James Crisp:            

European                 SM9 100m IM                     1.07.62

European                 S9 50m Backstroke              30.71


James Anderson:    

World/ European       S2 200m Freestyle              5.18.01


Rachael Latham:     

World/ European       S8 100m Butterfly               1.23.62


Shaun Potts:            

World/ European       S4 50m Backstroke              55.72


Natalie Jones:                      

World/ European       SM6 200m IM                     3.19.33



Sarah Marl

Marketing & Communications

Disability Sport Events