By Rhys Roberts - January 8 2010

Dragons Facebook

The Dragons Disabled Swimming Club now has a profile on Facebook. If you have a Facebook profile and you want to be a friend of the Dragons click the following link:

Dragons D.S.C. Facebook profile

We also now have a group on Facebook for club members, old and present to join. Non members or prospective club members are also welcome to join. The club can be found at:

Dragons D.S.C. Facebook group


Dragons Fund Raising Game

We also run a fund raising game every week at our Saturday session which costs 1 to enter with 50p going to club funds and the other 50p going towards the prize kitty. For information on what the game entails see Allan on Saturdays.

Dragons Game Won Game 36 won by David Wren

Dragons Game 37 Won Game 37 won by Maldwyn Owem