The Dragons D.S.C. Venue

By Rhys Roberts - August 3 2009
The Dragons D.S.C. Venue The Dragons Disabled Swimming Club are currently based at Caerphilly Leisure Centre and Cardiff International Pool.

Dragons D.S.C. Venues:


The Dragons Disabled Swimming Club is currently based at two locations:


Caerphilly Leisure Centre

Cardiff International Pool


Caerphilly Leisure Centre

We have a Short Course (25m) session every Saturday evening (6:30-7:30 PM) at Caerphilly Leisure centre.



This pool is a 25m length pool with four lanes which we use fully during our session.


This map shows the location of the pool which is a part of Caerphilly Leisure Centre. We have been swimming at this venue since 1998.


For more information on Caerphilly Leisure Centre please visit:


Cardiff International Pool

We have a two hour monthly Long Course (50m) session every third Sunday of the month at the Cardiff International Pool in the Cardiff International Sports Village fom 10:00am - 12:00 midday. Our swimmers are asked to be on poolside by 09:45am for a land warm-up.



We have booked 1for the first hour for our experienced swimmers. For the second hour, those swimmers move into lane 2 while our developing swimmers swim in lane 1. We have chosen this outside lane for easy access for some of our swimmers in and out of the pool.



This session is primarily for those who are confident of swimming 50m regularly and are on the next stages of their progression through the swimming ranks. Club swimmers will be informed of to whom this applies to by the coaching team.


Here is a map of where Cardiff International Pool is located.


For more information about Cardiff International Pool please visit their website: