By Rhys Roberts - July 22 2009

Club Membership


The Dragons D.S.C. is run independently and pays for our own pool hire as well as payments for coaching staff.


All new members are given a month’s free trial for them to come to a decision as to whether they would like to become a full member or not.


After the first month, membership fees are currently set at £3 per week which covers the weekly session at Caerphilly Leisure Centre and the monthly Long Course session at Cardiff International Swimming Pool. The fees are payable regardless of whether you have attended or not as we need to maintain our fees to continue to cover our costs. We also hope that this encourages our swimmers to attend regularly.  


Swim Wales Membership


All members have to be registered with Swim Wales annually. New members are again given a month where they are able to swim with the club without registering, however, after that period, if they do not register with Swim Wales we cannot allow them to continue to swim until they have done so. Swim Wales Membership runs from April 1st – 31st March, Members who have already registered have to renew their fees by April 1st otherwise, again, we cannot allow them to swim. We aim to start collecting renewal fees from the start of February so that we can send off all renewals together in one go.


Swim Wales Fees this Year (April 1st 2009March 31st 2010) have been set at:


Category 1 (Under 10 years of age) - £24.00

Category 2 (Over 10 years of age) - £27.00

Category 3 (Non Swimming Club Officials) - £22.00


Some swimmers will have dual membership by being registered at another club. Once decided upon which club will be listed as their 1st club, they will have to fill in a multi club registration form to confirm the dual registration.