DSE form Events Division of EFDS

By Rhys Roberts - September 2 2005
DSE form Events Division of EFDS DSE form Events Division of EFDS

DSE form Events Division of EFDS



DSE is pleased to announce that we recently formed the events division of the English Federation of Disability Sport– the Umbrella Body for Disability Sport. DSE (formed in 1961) and the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) believe that this partnership will ensure the provision of opportunities delivered through a positive and dynamic programme.


The two organisations have been working on the coalition since October 2004 and have secured endorsement for the proposal from many agencies including Sport England, the British Paralympic Association, the BBC, National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs) and other disability organisations.


Gordon Neale OBE, now Director of Events said:

“This is an extremely positive move for disability sport and should be applauded throughout the country. Grassroots development and a major events programme will now work together. This will allow for a more focused approach by NGBs with their inclusive planning and will provide a one stop shop for our client group, the media and the general public.”


Disability Sport England will now be known as Disability Sport Events, and continue to organise the best multi-disability events in the country. The same staff remain in the Events Division and will continue the same quality championships that the organisation is renowned for.


Colin Chaytors, CEO of EFDS continued the accolade:

“Events are such an important part of disability sport that this development is long overdue. The creation of a single agency is all about stripping away unnecessary confusion and bureaucracy to create new and better links between sport, health and education and, ultimately, get more people actively involved in sporting opportunities.”


Disability Sport Events is looking forward to building existing relationships with supporters and forming new ones over the coming years.


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