Swansea Stingrays Gala Review

By Rhys Roberts - April 25 2005
Swansea Stingrays Gala Review A Review of the Swansea Stingrays 1st Open Disability Gala held at Penlan Pool (23/04/05) in which a large Dragons D.S.C. Squad competed.

The Swansea Stingrays 1st Open Disability Gala (23/04/05) - Penlan Pool, Swansea.

On Saturday 23rd of April, a squad of 12 Dragons Disabled Swimming Club swimmers competed in the Swansea Stingrays 1st Open Disability Gala, held at Penlan Swimming Pool in Swansea.

Penlan Swimming Pool

The Dragons D.S.C. Squad pose for a team photo at the end of the gala (not in the picture - Gilliane Perry)

This was the first time that the Stingrays, headed by Mark and Wendy Thomas, had held a major swimming gala. The event, which was a great success, included teams from Cardiff, Swansea, Southampton and Colchester. Also competing in the gala, for Torfaen, was former Dragons D.S.C. swimmer Kate Arnold, returning to action after her Great Britain international debut in the Danish Open earlier this year.

Rebecca Gregory, Katrina Mitchell and Kate Arnold dive in for the 100m I.M.

This gala allowed the chance for a number of Dragons Swimmers, such as Hywel Corbin, Jade and Jordan Howe and Adam West, to gain their first experience in competition.

Nicolas, Andrew and Jordan (helped by Dragons D.S.C. Assistant Coach David Roberts MBE) prepare for action in the 25m Freestyle.

Jordan touching home in the 25m Freestyle.

Robert Morgan, Jordan Howe, Jade Howe and Andrew West celebrate their Bronze medals in the Mixed 4x25 100m Freestyle Novice Relay.

It also gave the chance for other swimmers such as Robert Morgan and Nicolas Wilby to gain more gala experience.

Robert Morgan swimming in the 100m Individual Medley

Nicolas Wilby dives in for the 100m Breaststroke.

This competition also saw a welcome return to competitive action for Dragons D.S.C. swimmer Gilliane Perry, after overcoming a series of illnesses.

Gilliane Perry dives in for the 100m Breaststroke.

Dragons D.S.C. Swimmers Results:

Jonathan Aynge

200m Freestyle         3:03.25         4th out of 5

50m Butterfly           46.74            3rd out of 5

100m Freestyle         1:22.69         7th out of 8

50m Freestyle          37.17            5th out of 8


Hywel Corbin

50m Butterfly           54.06            4th out of 5

100m I.M.                1:53.25         5th out of 8

100m Freestyle         1:34.12         4th out of 8

100m Butterfly         1:56.30         2nd out of 2

50m Freestyle          43.32            5th out of 7


Anthony Gregory

200m Freestyle         2:55.80         2nd out of 5

50m Butterfly           40.89            2nd out of 5

100m I.M.                1:34.32         2nd out of 8

100m Freestyle         1:21.02         4th out of 8


Rebecca Gregory

50m Backstroke        59.06            4th out of 7

100m I.M.                DQ

100m Freestyle         1:55.64         3rd out of 4


Jade Howe

50m Backstroke        51.36            1st out of 6

50m Freestyle          49.43            1st out of 7


Jordan Howe

25m Freestyle          35.58            2nd out of 3

25m Backstroke        DNF


Katrina Mitchell

200m Freestyle         3:10.60         1st out of 2

100m I.M.                1:45.91         1st out of 7

100m Butterfly         1:47.90         1st out of 5


Robert Morgan

50m Backstroke        53.64            1st out of 7

100m I.M.                DQ

50m Freestyle          46.78            1st out of 7


Gilliane Perry           

100m Breaststroke    2:15.07         2nd out of 4

100m Backstroke      1:51.21         2nd out of 7

100m Freestyle         1:34.48         4th out of 5

100m Butterfly         2:13.55         3rd out of 5


Claire Trodd

50m Backstroke        1:16.00         1st out of 5

100m Backstroke      2:55.00         7th out of 7


Adam West

25m Freestyle          1:04.86         3rd out of 3


Nicolas Wilby

25m Freestyle          30.14            1st out of 3

100m Breaststroke    2:42.68         3rd out of 3


Mixed 4x50 200m Medley Relay

Dragons D.S.C.         3:03.15         3rd out of 8

(Anthony, Katrina, Gilliane and Jonathan)


Mixed 4x25 100m Freestyle Relay

Dragons D.S.C.         2:30.33         3rd out of 4

(Jade, Jordan, Andrew and Robert)


Mixed 4x50 200m Freestyle Relay

Dragons D.S.C.         2:35.28         3rd out of 10

(Gilliane, Katrina, Anthony and Jonathan)