DSE South East 2007

By Rhys Roberts - October 8 2007
DSE South East 2007 The Dragons DSC took six swimmers to the DSE South East Regional Gala 2007 in Southampton on Saturday September 29th.

DSE South East Regional Gala 2007 - Southampton

The squad of six: Ryan Smith, Laurence Perks, Patrick Alabaster, Philip Lowman, Nathan Eke & Jonathan Eke.

The Dragons Disabled Swimming Club took six swimmers to the DSE South East Regional Gala 2007, held at West Quays Swimming Complex in Southampton on Saturday September 29th. The six swimmers that went were, Patrick Alabaster, Jonathan Eke, Nathan Eke, Philip Lowman, Laurence Perks and Ryan smith. They were accompanied by a coaching staff of Ian Eke, Rhys Roberts and Tom Lowman. Cheering them on were many parents of swimmers and fellow club members Bethan Eke, Sophie Hodges and Megan Jones.


The squad (sat down) with coaches Tom Lowman (white), Ian Eke (black) and Rhys Roberts (red).


This gala was attended by teams from all over the South of Great Britain with three Welsh teams competing; ourselves, Bridgend Sharks and Swansea Stingrays. Also present on the day were Great Britain Paralympic superstar Danielle Watts and fellow GB Paralympic team-mate Darren Leach who was making his return to competitive swimming.


Team GB Stars Danielle Watts & Darren Leach


The team performed exceptionally well with twenty out of twenty one races providing new Personal Bests, with one disqualification which would also have been a big Personal Best. The teamís attitude and behaviour was also commendable with many of our team shaking their rivalís hands upon exiting the pool at the end of a race.


The results of our swimmers were:


Patrcik Alabaster:

50m Freestyle 1:39.80 *
25m Backstroke 34.94
50m Backstroke 1:22.35


Jonathan Eke:

50m Freestyle 44.74 *
100m Freestyle 1:39.13
50m Backstroke 1:02.18


Nathan Eke:

100m Freestyle 1:38.65
50m Backstroke 51.62
100m Backstroke 1:59.72


Philip Lowman:

50m Freestyle 48.73 *
100m Freestyle 1:48.02
50m Backstroke 1:09.39
50m Breaststroke 1:02.86
100m Breaststroke DQ  1 H.T.


Laurence Perks:

25m Freestyle  29.18
50m Freestyle 1:07.23 *
25m Backstroke  42.26
50m Backstroke 1:35.57


Ryan Smith:

50m Freestyle 45.79 *
100m Freestyle 1:40.89
50m Breaststroke


* Still awaiting offical results for the 50m Freestyle Races.

Laurence Perks in the backstroke.

Patrick Alabaster in freestyle action.

Philip Lowman in the freestyle.

Ryan Smith closing in on the finish in the freestyle.

Many thanks to Philip Perks for these superb photos.

Rhys Roberts 08/10/07