Player profile - Mel Antao

By Viks - April 23 2006
Player profile - Mel Antao
Mel Mel is currently the Harlequin Ladies club captain and has been in this position for more years than most of us have been at the club! Mel is hoping to make a welcome return from multiple injuries which have seen her sidelined for a number of seasons.
Name Mel Antao Mel Antao
Nickname N/a
Position Wing/Fullback 
Birthday 28-Jan
Occupation Facilities Project Manger, Football Foundation
Date Joined Harlequins: Jan-98
Previous clubs University of Greenwich (played a couple of times for Saracens, Richmond and Blackheath)
Representative Honours:  Rugby - England Students, South England Students, South East Region and Middlesex County
Best Rugby moment Too hard to name an outright, but these are the ones that will always stay close to my heart:
Playing – Playing (and winning) against Supermarine in January 2000 the week after we heard that our friend and fellow player Sue Moloney had died of meningitis. It was one of the best performances I have been privileged to play in and it felt that there was something special with us that day…
General – Being in The Sun Inn, Richmond watching Jonny Wilkinson’s drop kick when we won the RWC Final in 2003. There are only 2 places I would have wanted to witness that – there or in the Telstra Stadium!
Worst Rugby moment Playing - Tearing my ACL in the last minute of the last league of the season when we won promotion to Division 1 in April 2000.
General – knowing that NEC Harlequins would be relegated after putting a fine performance against Sale in April 2005. That broke my heart!
Rugby ambition To get back to playing rugby for Harlequins where I know I will make a difference and help us finish top of Division 1.
Why rugby It’s the best sport in the world that is truly for everyone, whatever size or shape and it is the only one where you get to put your own body on the line. I have played most sports, but rugby is the sport I love the best.
Describe yourself wannabe blonde
Favourite alcoholic beverage: G & T
Other sports Skiing, golf, netball
Favourite meal Steak, chips, salad followed by trifle for pudding
Favourite film Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Most likely to say: You can’t have enough handbags or shoes.
Least likely to say: I can’t possibly wear trainers with this outfit!
Favourite quotation: Cogito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am) by Descartes
Best holiday (why): The first time I ever went skiing and where we also convinced the residents of Tignes that we were the British Army stunt ski team filming the next James Bond movie… Luckily they never recognised us on the slopes!!
Claim to fame: Too many to mention, but I was there when Viks sat on Henry Paul’s knee.