The Sue Moloney Cup

By Vicky Gallagher - May 18 2009

The Sue Moloney Cup is a memorial trophy, played at the end of every season. Harlequin Ladies have taken on various opposition over the years in a game celebrating the life of a dear friend and team-mate.

Sue Moloney
Sue was a true Harlequin Lady who gave her all both on and off the field for Harlequin Ladies. Having joined HLFC in 1997/8 season, Sue became instrumental in setting up the first Harlequin Ladies youth side and continued to coach them for two seasons whilst also captaining the Ladies second XV with strength and determination. Sadly, Sue passed away in 2000 due to a meningitis infection. Gone but certainly not forgotten, HLFC and the Moloney family ensure that Sue's memory lives on in the annual Sue Moloney Cup game, played as a friendly fixture very much encompassing Sue's passion and enjoyment of the game of rugby (and a few beers afterwards!)

The Sue Moloney Cup

The Sue Moloney cup is a hard-fought but good spirited game played annually with both sides determined to win the coveted trophy. Harlequin Old Girls (HOGS) are always invited to play alongside the current HLFC squad and have twice been able to field an entire side, beating HLFC on both occasions. Over the season, the winners have been:

Year Home Away Venue Cup Winners
2000 Harlequin Ladies - HOGS The Stoop Harlequin Ladies
2001 Harlequin Ladies - Navy The Stoop Harlequin Ladies
2002 Harlequin Ladies 42 - 0 Navy Richmond College Harlequin Ladies
2003 Harlequin Ladies - Bracknell Twickenham RFC Harlequin Ladies
2004 Harlequin Ladies - HOGS Twickenham RFC HOGS
2005 Harlequin Ladies 5 - 75 HOGS Twickenham RFC HOGS
2006 Harlequin Ladies 42 - 8 Hampstead Twickenham RFC Harlequin Ladies
2007 Harlequin Ladies 35 - 19 Ealing Jades Twickenham RFC Harlequin Ladies
2008 Harlequin Ladies 31 - 21 Hammersmith & Fulham Twickenham RFC Harlequin Ladies
2009 Harlequin Ladies 68 - 15 Hampstead Twickenham RFC Harlequin Ladies