Captains of Harlequin Ladies

By Viks - August 18 2010

The Harlequin Ladies past & present captains:

Season Club Captain First XV Captain Second XV Captain
1995/6 Vanessa Matthews Kirsty Heslop
1996/7 Kirsty Heslop
1997/8 Kirsty Heslop Nicky Meston Lizzie Graves
1998/9 Kirsty Heslop Nicky Daly Sue Moloney
1999/0 Kirsty Heslop Claire Beecham Sue Moloney
2000/1 Mel Antao Fiona Stockley
2001/2 Mel Antao Sam Marshall
2002/3 Mel Antao Sam Marshall
2003/4 Mel Antao Sam Marshall
2004/5 Mel Antao Vicky Gallagher
2005/6 Mel Antao Jo Everett
2006/7 Tanya Wilson Kate Sinfield
2007/8 Tanya Wilson Kate Sinfield
2008/9 Ros Holder & Claire Brazier-Kobus Laura Quinn
2009/10 Ros Holder Laura Quinn
2010/11 Kate Sinfield Nat Smith