Bridlington 34 West 0

By Kathryn Waites - February 6 2018
Bridlington 34 West 0 When your Friday evening starts with a message that the strips are locked in the laundry due to unforeseen circumstances you know it’s going to be one of those weekends ..

With the older members of the club all on international duty in Rome the travelling support was depleted but Graham Frankland, now pot free, braved the journey. Something he quickly regretted as a wave of travel sickness swept across the team bus. A decision was soon made that they’d take the long way home via York to prevent a repeat. We were met at Brid by a very heavy pitch - definitely not one that suited our young players quick legs - and by the end of the game made it difficult to tell the forwards apart.

Brid got on the score board quickly with a penalty in front of the posts but West fought back only to lose John Bunter, Gav Painter and Adam Coates to injury in short succession. Brid took advantage of our depletion to score twice more taking the score to 17-0. We had periods of great play and pressure on the line only for the ball to be spilled in the tackle or for us to be on the wrong side of “difficult” penalty decisions - something that

A five metre scrum should have led to a score but strong defence from Brid kept us out and also contributed to a back injury to Jay Corbett. Coates had to return to the pitch to provide cover. Brid pressured our line up to half time but we defended well only for Ryan Painter to be shown a yellow card for a technical offside. The ref later explained that there had been four previous offences and Roo was the unfortunate recipient of the card. After a scrum were Zac was both scrum half and fly half, and our ever helpful bench was heard to comment that Zac was going to have to pick the ball from the scrum and pass to himself - So Gav returned to the pitch whilst his brother was in the bin. As the light decreased and the ball became increasingly slippy our afternoon continued in the same measure. There were periods of good play but Brids defence kept us out and they benefitted from spilt balls to add three further tries.

Special mention has to be made to our younger players - Adam Peacock, Jonny Hunter and Adam Brown who were all tested today but proved they deserve their places in the team. We have two home games to look forward to now with West Leeds and Driffield visiting Brinkburn in the next two weeks. With Percy Park also losing today we retain our place out of the relegation zone. Hopefully DP will find his way back from Rome so normal service will resume next week - Kathryn x