Tynedale 41 Stags 7

By Old P - November 11 2008
Tynedale 41 Stags 7
Edwards - Try The Stags travelled to Tynedale for their CaNDY League fixture for an early kick-off. Short of a couple of the named squad due to unavailability, also with two players arriving late due to work commitments; their preparation was somewhat disrupted for this expected tough encounter.
However with both teams having a reputation of looking to play expansive rugby both the players and spectators were hoping for a good game.

From the kick off the experienced Tynedale pack began to pressurise the young Stag’s forwards immediately. However, they held up very well to the early pressure but Tynedale’s obvious superiority in the back row and the in the backline showed after 10 mins when the ball was moved to their right wing who rounded the Stags defence to score wide out, unconverted (5-0).

The Stags then began to mount a series of attacks of their own which culminated in the winning of quick ruck on the right of the field on the: 15 min mark and the ball being moved left for Edwards to slice through the home defence to score under the posts, converted by Wallis (5-7).

Tynedale responded four mins later with an almost identical try with their centre cutting through the Stags to score under the posts, converted (12-7).

The Stags were then forced to defended their own line for the rest of the half and did very well to only concede a try in the last two mins of the half wide out on the right, unconverted (17-7)

The second half began as the first half had ended with the Stags defending their own line it took Tynedale some 17 mins to breakdown the defence and scoring wide out (22-7). From then on most of the play was in the Stags half of the field and Tynedale added another: three tries two of which were converted to bring a final score to (41-7).

This match, despite the disruptions showed the gulf in: fitness strength and commitment between the two sides. As such it set a good bench mark for the players of where they are at this stage of the season and gave them an insight into what they need to improve upon in order to challenge the top teams in this league.

Stags: S. Cavey, J. Cole,(A. Hare) G. Edwards, G. Robinson, S. Butcher, P Wallis(T. Armstrong), P Williamson, J Greenwell, R. Wood, J. Norris, D, Doyle (B Lloyd), M. Hogan (P. Henderson), J. Baggs, C. Young, S. Smart.