Stockton IIs 10 Bucks 3

By Chris Harrison - October 28 2008
Stockton IIs 10 Bucks 3
Mallinson only score West Bucks travelled across to Stockton to take on the home sides second team. The strong gales were to limit Wests attacking intent.
West played into the wind in the first half and did well to limit the home team to just a 10 – 3 lead with Luke Mallinson kicking a penalty on the stroke of half time.
The 2nd half did not go to plan and it was only toward the end of the game that West began to apply the sort of pressure on the Stockton line that they should have been doing from the start. A couple of chances went begging but what cost the team most was their inability to keep the ball for longer than a couple of breakdowns.
West should have won this game but failed to match the home pack which was full of older heads who adapted to the referees interpretation of the breakdown laws far better. To say some of his decisions were odd would be an understatement (Stocktons scrum half twice knocked down West passes with his hand and the ref called “play on charge down”).
But still the old adage play to the ref was done far better by the home team.
West could do with playing the like of teams like Stockton more often with their abrasive pack being good for Wests young pack to develop their own contact skills on.