World Cup Australia: The Road To Oz08

By GW - May 10 2007
World Cup Australia: The Road To Oz08
Andrew Henderson Scotland kickstarted their 2008 World Cup qualifying campaign with victory in Wales in October 2006. We explain how qualification works.
Five of the ten teams in the finals qualify automatically: holders Australia, 2000 runners-up New Zealand, semi-finalists England, quarter-finalists Papua New Guinea and France.

Tonga and Fiji have also qualified after topping the Pacific Group. Fiji finished third and will enter the Repechage play-off. The Cooks Islands were eliminated.

The USA beat Japan and will now enter the Repechage with Japan eliminated. South Africa and West Indies withdrew.

The winners of Scotland and Wales' group and the winners of the Ireland, Lebanon and Russia group will qualify automatically. The runners-up will play each other in the Repechage.

Tonga 56-14 Cook Islands
Samoa 30-28 Fiji
Fiji 30-28 Tonga
Samoa 46-6 Cook Islands
Fiji 40-4 Cook Islands
Tonga 18-10 Samoa

USA 54-18 Japan

Round one:
Russia 40-14 Netherlands
Georgia 45-10 Serbia
Georgia 57-16 Netherlands
Russia 44-6 Serbia
Netherlands 38-26 Serbia
Russia 24-0 Georgia

Round two:

Group One:
Wales 14-21 Scotland
Scotland v Wales (3/4 Nov 2007)

Group Two:
Russia 12-50 Ireland
Lebanon 22-8 Russia
Ireland v Lebanon (5 Nov 2006)
Ireland v Russia (20/21 Oct 2007)
Russia v Lebanon (27/28 Oct 2007)
Lebanon v Ireland (3/4 Nov 2007)

Repechage Round
10th/11th November 2007
European Group 1 runner up v European Group 2 runner up 1

17th/18th November 2007
USA v Samoa 2

24th/25th November 2007
Winner of 1 v Winner of 2
The winner qualifies for the World Cup