Do You Want To Play For Scotland?

By Gavin Willacy - January 11 2008
Scotland Rugby League run national teams at several levels: Under-13s, 15s, 16s, 19s, Students, A team and full professional senior team. We also hope to run Scottish Exiles (players based in England) and Residents teams and an Australian-based Scottish Exiles team in the near future.
You can be eligible to play for a Scotland team under the following rules;
- you, one of your parents or grandparents were BORN in Scotland.
- you have LIVED in Scotland for at least three years.
- you were born in a British dependency/non-mainland island (eg Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Gibraltar) and have a choice of home nations.

To be eligible for Scotland Students or Under-19s team, you can qualify by being at college or university in Scotland, regardless of your bloodline.

If you would like to be considered for Scotland at any level and kept informed of trials, coaching weekends etc and added to our database and mailing list, please email the respective manager or coach with your details.

SCOTLAND PROFESSIONALS play in the European Nations Cup and World Cup, with two or three games per year, in Autumn. Coach: Steve McCormack. Manager: Richard Thewliss. Contact: Gavin Willacy at

SCOTLAND A TEAM play in the Four Nations Amateur Championship against Wales, England and Ireland, throughout the summer, and also usually go on a European tour. Recent tours have included Holland, Italy and Serbia. Manager: Gus McNabb 07830 096 610.

SCOTLAND SOUTHERN EXILES - open to all age groups fopr players based in southern England. Contact Gavin Willacy rlbravehearts@ 07796 442041

SCOTLAND 9s - compete in various competitions each summer, including London MX9s and Venice 9s. Contact Gavin Willacy rlbravehearts@ 07796 442041

SCOTLAND STUDENTS play in the Home Nations Championship every Easter and the World Cup every three years, the next in 2008 in Australia. They also go on regular European tours. Recent destinations have included Holland, Italy, Serbia, France and Germany. Coach: Ian Gilmour - Manager: Phil Slaney - Residents - House Chamberlain 07973 452555

SCOTLAND UNDER-19s play in the Four Championship every Easter and go on a European tour. Contact: Mark Senter -

SCOTLAND also run junior rep sides at younger age groups, competing in the Regional Championships in England and play Under-16 internationals. Contact: Mark Senter -

WE ALSO WELCOME VOLUNTEERS WHO WANT TO HELP SCOTLAND RUGBY LEAGUE BY ASSISTING US IN ANY CAPACITY eg sponsors, media, accomodation, coaching, transport, kit etc. Please feel free to email any of the staff above if you are offering your services, regardless of location (ie Scotland, England, Australia, New Zealand or elsewhere).