Chris Dent

By - March 16 2006
Chris Dent
Right Hand Batsman / Right Arm Medium Bowler

Nicknames: Mad Dog / The Hound / Denty

Chris comes into the 2006 season with full confidence that it could be his most successful since signing for Clay Cross. Unfortunately over recent years he has found himself in and out of the First X1 and not having a settled run in either side sometimes affects his game. However he finished last year averaging a solid 26 for the seconds from 10 games which shows he is very capable of scoring runs. He is very light on his feet and strong on the off side and when he gets going he can play some fantastic shots.
Chris is predominately a batsman and his bowling is rarely called upon but he is a useful medium pace bowler, it has been known for him to take some important wickets over the years. Hes had spells captaining and is well known for being the first ever Third team captain back in the old Mansfield League days. Mad Dog is another key member of the squad and when he is in form he makes batting look easy.

Chris is another player who is well known for posing, on an end of season trip to Blackpool he was always last out of the hotel due to him blow-drying and straightening his hair. Unfortunately he is also well known for not being able to take his drink!