Dave Greaves

By - March 16 2006
Dave Greaves
Right Hand Batsman / Right Arm Fast Bowler

Nickname: Greabo

2006 is a massive year for Greaves as he has now fully established himself as a key member of the First X1 and looks to make a big impact in The Crossís Division 2 North campaign. The 2005 player of the year knows he has a lot expected of him from fellow players and club supporters this time out, and he is in no mood to disappoint.
Greaves started playing his cricket at Stonebroom back in the mid 90ís when Steve Else and Darrell Dring took him under their wing and with his mentors made the move to the Cross in 2001. A genuinely quick bowler he also generates great bounce with his height creating problems for batsmen. His batting has also come on a lot in recent years and has developed into a strong middle order batsman. He hits the ball very hard but his downfall is trying one attacking shot to many. With Greabo being also an excellent fielder he has the ability to become a superb all-round player.

Greabo takes a bit of stick for being a bit of a poser and spends a lot of time in the mirror making sure his hair is ok. Likes to think heís a bit of a ladies man along with other Cross player Chris Dent, however they both always seem to come home empty handed after nights round town.