Richard Greenhalgh

By - March 14 2006
Richard Greenhalgh
Right Hand Batsman / Wicketkeeper

Nicknames: Richie / Jabba

Has been the First X1 captain since midway through the 2002 season when he took over from Steve Nottingham on that bizarre day down at Dunstall. Since then he has rarely looked back and has guided the club to its highest position in its history and he says the current bunch of players can go even higher. His policy to mix youth with experience and to pick players who had not figured in the First X1 before raised a few eyebrows at first but he and the club eventually reaped the rewards and Greenhalgh took most of the plaudits.
However the fairytale has not always ran smooth and some say Richardís game has suffered by carrying the burden of captaincy. His wicket-keeping has come on a lot over the past few seasons and he topped the leagues most dismissals table in the successful 2004 campaign. But his batting continues to falter and although has the potential to score big he always seems to play loose shots and gets out after laying a solid foundation. He has also had his brushes with the league disciplinary committee and in 2003 Greenhalgh incurred an 8 game ban for his on field antics.
He plays a massive part in the First X1 and hopes 2006 will be another successful one for himself and more importantly Clay Cross Cricket Club.