Jon Branson

By - March 14 2006
Jon Branson
Right Hand Batsman / Right Arm Fast Bowler

Nickname: Branno

From the mid 90ís until recently Jon was The Crossís premier fast bowler, but now with the emergence of Kench and Greaves Clay Cross now have a very useful fast bowling attack of which Jon plays a key role. He generates genuine pace and with his height gets bounce even off some of the more benign wickets Clay Cross travel to. Jon topped the league bowling averages in 2001, even after missing half of that season through injury. In the three seasons that followed, many said that Branno was bowling better than ever and he became one of the most feared quickies in the County League. He is no mug with the bat either and has played some crucial innings over his career. It has also been known for him to be shunted up the order to bat 3 or even open. Another dangerous player.

Jon turns 30 this summer and in recent years has found himself on the receiving end of some stick about his fitness. On hot days you might get 3 overs out of him before he needs a rest and some say with each spell in a match his pace fades. The captain will want him working on his fitness so he can squeeze out 4 overs in a spell.