Sunil Bhatt

By - March 14 2006
Sunil Bhatt
Right Hand Batsman / Wicket-keeper

Nickname: Sunny

Where do you start!?! Never before had Clay Cross had an overseas player, until in 2004 they signed a little, relatively unknown Indian batsman. The rest as they say is history. In Sunil’s first year he obliterated the league batting record by a staggering 450 runs finishing with 1806. That same season the club won Division 3 North and Sunil returned to India as one of Derbyshire County Cricket League’s prestigious 6 cricketers of the year. After offers from numerous clubs in the area and other offers from around the country he still pledged his loyalty to the Cross by signing again in 2005 and now for 2006. He attracts people to come and watch games with his scintillating batting and energetic fielding. His batting is so destructive it makes you often wonder how a small man can generate so much power and he his always on hand to offer any advice or tips. The master will be definitely one to watch this season.

Sunny has fell in love with the picturesque surroundings of Clay Cross, especially Stonebroom. On many summer nights you might catch him down at his favourite night spot The Star Inn, apparently there is a rumour he will be signing for the Darts and Dominoes team this year.