Coffee Morning every Tuesday at Tech -

By Chris McL. - March 2 2014
Retired, Time on your hands, Looking for that some thing special to add glamour to your life,

then come along to Derek Sweeting's Coffee Mornings, held every Tuesday from 9.30 onwards at the Club, where wou will be loaned your very own, spade, secteurs, rake, paint brush or hammer to assist with the 1001 jobs needed to keep the Clubhouse and Grounds in good condition. Subject to Keith Large's approval your reward for all this work besides a moral superiority and fitness level unknown since you trained Monday's at the Grammar School gym, will be a cup of coffee and a Digestive, courtesy of the Treasurer. Don't forget,  Tuesdays 9.30 . Tech Club. Free Parking.   A chance to spend a morning in good company.