NJGA Handbook Part 2

By DAE - February 23 2016

NJGA Handbook Part 2


Entries for Junior and Patrons competitions can be made by way of the Association's web site ( www.njga.org.uk) . Any queries about Junior or Patrons competitions should be addressed to the appropriate Competition Secretary or to the Secretary of the Association. The names of these officers, along with addresses and telephone numbers, appear on page 11 of the Handbook. Entries should be made well in advance of the Competition closing date. Any situation not covered by these competition "rules" and all disputes to be settled by the Committee (through its representatives in attendance at the various events held during the course of the year) whose decision is final.


(a) Entry fees of £5 for each competition must either accompany entries of be paid on the day before play. Cash should not be sent through the post.

(b) Late entries will not normally be accepted.

(c) Player under the age of 18 may not be allowed to particitate in any competition, match or other event if a "Parental Consent Form and Player Profile Form" signed by a parent or quardian is not in the hands of the Association on the day or beforehand-see page 22 for further information.

(d) All members of golf clubs affiliated to the Northumberland Union of Golf Clubs for boys, or the Northumberland Ladies 'County Golf Association for girls, under the age of 21 on 1st January 2016 are automatically members of the Northumberland Junior Golfing Association without payment of a subscription and are eligible to play in junior competition, subject of course to age restriction for the under 14, 16s, 18, and 21 Championships. Players within the qualifying ages born in Northumberland  but playing at a course outside the County are also eligible to compete providing they have not played in a Championship of, or represented another County since 1st January 2017, with the same position applying to juniors joining a Northumberland Club from another county.

(e) in the event of entries to scratch competition being oversubscribed, numbers will be reduced by balloting out the higher handicap boy and girl players in proportion to entries received. For the Spring, Summer and Autumn Meetings if a ballot is necessary this will be done in proportion to entries in handcap catergories from individual Clubs.

Junior Fixtures 2017.

Handicap limits

Matchplay Qualifier                                                    Boys 24     Girls 28

Under 18s 36 Hole Strokeplay                                   Boys 28     Girls 36

Under 14s -16s 36 Hole Strokeplay                           Boys 28     Girls 36 

Teams, Spring, Summer and Autumn                        Boys 28     Girls 36


Fixtures 2017

NJGA V North Northumberland                                                 Sunday 26th March

Bamburgh Castle Golf Club

NJGA V NUGC                                                                             Sunday 2nd April

Parklands Golf Club

Spring Meeting Seahouses G.C                                                  Wednesday 12th April 

Federation v Yorkshire Hartlepool G.C.                                    Thursday 13th April

NJGA Junior Matchplay Championship

Qualifier City of Newcastle  Golf CLub 18 Holes                       Sunday 30th April  

Matchplay Knockout Stages                                                      1st 2nd 3rd and 5th May

NJGA V Durham at Billingham   G.C                                          Monday 29th May   

Boys-Girls Championship. Un 21,18,16 and 14s (36holes)     Longhirst Hall  G.C Sunday 4th June

NJGA Teams Championship Morpeth G.C                                Sunday 2nd July 

EGU Northern Boys Little 6 (36 holes) Warrington G.C.        Wednesday 6th July

NJGA V S Scotland under 18s Percy Wood G.C.                      Wednesday 26th July

NJGA Federation Championships Arcot Hall G.C                     Monday 1st August

NJGA V Cumbria Under 18s Prudhoe G.C                                Wednesday 16th August

NJGA V Durham Under 18s Newbiggin G.C                             Friday 18th August   

NJGA V Cumbria Under 16s Cockermouth G.C                        Saturday 20th May  

NJGA Summer Meeting Newcastle United G.C                        Wednesday 23rd August

NJGA Autumn Meeting Newbiggin G.C.                                  Wednesday 25th October


Patrons Competitions

Entry fees which include a meal are £18 per person. There are 3 annual Patrons fourball better ball Stableford Competitions for both Ladies and Men. Patrons have the opportunity to qualify for the Presidents Cup.

Ties for all Trophies and Prizes are decided on the last 9 holes, 6 holes, 3 holes, 2 holes, 1 hole in that order and thereafter hole by hole starting back from the 9th hole to the 1st hole.




Parents on the Golf Course

The Association has often been asked about the role of Parents who wish to follow their Child/Children arround the golf couse. We hope the guidelines below will help.

Conduct on the golf course. Spectators are welcome, but please note the following conditions.

Do:-     Turn off all mobile phones.

             Keep to the sides of the fairways.

             Keep away from ANY ball in play.

              Avoid trampling the rough when searching for a ball.

              Keep still and quiet when any shot is being played.

              Keep young children safe and in control. Golf Courses can be very dangerous for them.

Don't:-  Walk with or Talk to any of the players.

             Offer advice to any player.

             Carry or handle a player clubs.

             Touch or move any found ball that may belong to a player. 

             Under no circumstances should anyone other than the player mark the card

             as this will lead to disqualification.

This is an abridged version of the NJGA rules.

The full rules and constitution can be found on the NJGA website.      njga.org.