NJGA Handbook 1

By DAE - January 27 2016

NJGA Handbook.


This Handbook sets out to give information about the Northumberland Junior Golfing Association, which was founded in 1964. In all other English Counties junior golf is organised and run by the County Unions . In Northumberland it is the Northumberland Junior Golfing Association which does this on behalf of the Northumberland Union of Golf Clubs for boys and girls under the age of 21 on the 1st of January. It does this by running Match and Strokeplay Competitions, and a County Teams Championships as well as organising matches with other Counties, Leagues, Unions and other bodies and providing a coaching programme for both boys and girls. 

Competitions this is catered for on the NJGA website under the heading of Competition for Junior golfers.

Patrons Competitions  under heading of patrons, entries to be sent to David Souter email address wgc@btconnect.com.

Entries   there is an email entry on the website which can be forwarded to the Competition Secretary, email address davidevans3138@btinternet.com Finally, existing patrons are asked to encourage fellow members of their club to become patrons or Life Members of the Association.By doing so, they will be making a contribution to the enhancement of junior golf in the county.



1. The Organisation's name is Northumberland Junior Golfing Association (NJGA)



2. The aim of the NJGA is to promote, in every way possible, junior golf in Northumberland.



3. There are two categories of member.

(a) All members (including junior members) of golf clubs affiliated to the Northumberland Union of Golf Clubs (NUGC) for boys or the Northumberland Ladies' County Golf Association (N.L.C.G.A.) for girls, under the age of 21 on the 1st January and of amateur status as defined by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R&A) are automatically members of the NJGA for that calendar year. Players under the age 21 born in Northumberland but playing at a course outside the County are also eligible for membership.

(b) Other persons (men and women) who are or have in the past been members of clubs affiliated to the NUGC. or NLCGA. can become patron members on paying an annual (or life member) subscription for the period covered by that subscription.

4.   The management Committee of the NJGA may without giving reasons terminate or refuse admission to membership


5.    Annual Subscriptions are:-

                    Junior (under21) members   free

                    Patron members                    £2

       The Life patrons Subscription is        £25

6.   The Management Committee may vary subscription rates as considered necessary.

7.    Annual subscriptions are due on or before 1st April for that calendar year. Members cannot participate in any of the affairs of the NJGA after this date if subscriptions have not been paid.

General Meetings

8. The Annual General Meeing is held between 1st January and 31st March each year for the purpose of:-

(a) Receiving and adopting the report of the Management Committee and audited financial accounts for the ending the preceding 31st December.

(b) Transacting officials and committee members and an auditor.

(c) Transacting any other relevant business.

9.   An extraordinary general meeting may be called at any time by the request of twenty members.

10.  The Secretary is required to give twenty one days notice in writing of General Meetings to all Northumberland Union affiliated clubs and must give this notice and the resolution(s) relating to the business to be transacted within seven days of being asked to convene an extraordinary general meeting so as to ensure that the meeting is held within twenty eight days of the request being received.

11.  Nominations for election to the Management Committee must be received at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting date. Proposals to transact other business at general meetings must also be received at least seven days prior to the meeting.

12.  Only business to which the required notice has been received may be transacted on a simple majority basis with the Chairman having a casting vote.

13.  The quorum requirement is twenty members.


14.  The officials of the organisation are the President, Treasurer, Secretary and such Vice-Presidents recommended by the Management Committee for services rendered to the association.

Management Committee.

15.  The whole management and control of the N.J.G.A. and its funds is vested in the Management Committee which comprises the President, Secretary, Treasurer Boys and Girls Captains and Vice-Captains, and two patron members appointed by and acting as representatives of the NUGC and the NLCGA, who shall be ex-officio members of the Committee, plus nine other patron members. The three senior members of the nine other patron members of the Committee retire annually and are eligible for re-election at the Annual Meeting.

16.  Any Management Committee Member who fails to attend 50% of Committee Meeting whithout giving an explanation considered by the Management Committee to be satisfactory may forfeit his/her position on the Committee.

17.  No officer or member of the Management Committee may be paid monies from the funds of the association other than the reimbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses.

18.  The Management Committee is empowered to fill Committee vacancies that occur during the course of a year, to form subcommittees and to make co-options.


19.  At least six meetings of the Management Committe must be held every year with the maximum length between any two meeting being three months. The quorum requirement at a Management Committee meeting is six.

20.  At the first meeting following the Annual General Meeting the Management Committee elects one of its members to be Committee Chairman for that year. In the event of the Chairman being absent at any subsequent meeting, the Committee elects a chairman for that meeting from the members present. The meeting Chairman has a casting as well as a deliberate vote.



21.  The main duties of the Secretary are to give notice of and take minutes at General and Management Committee meetings, deal with correspondence and maintain membership records.


22.  The Treasurer records all finacial transactions and prepares annual accounts for each year ending 31st December.

Competitions & Matches

23.  The Association recognises England Golf and Ladies' Golf Union (L.G.U.) as the governing bodies for amateur olf in England, the R.&A. as the governing body for golf generally and the N.U.G.C. and N/L/C/G.A. as the governing bodies for amateur golf in Northumberland.

24.  Competitions arranged by the NJGA. are played in accordance whith the rules of golf and the local rules of the club hosting fixtures

25.  In junior competitions and matches, parents, grandparents, brothers and sister of a competitor are prohibited from caddying for that player.

26.  Any disputes are settled by the Management Committee members in attendance at competitions and matches.



27.  Alterations to this consitution can oly be made at a General Meeting of the Association.



President                                                                                                 Boys Captain

         David Evans                                                                                    Aidan Topham

         Ruthven Killingworth Drive                                                            Quarryfield           Westmoor                                                                                        Seahouses

         NE12 7ES                                                                                          NE68 7TB          Tel:01912684140                                                                             Tel: 01665 720153

         Mob:07871577220                                                                            Mob: 07505003997                                                                                     

                                                                                                                   Boys Vice Captain                                                                                                                    William Wilkinson

                                                                                                                   Tel: 07813301287



                                                                                                                   Girls Captain          

                                                                                                                   Charlotte Pickering                                                                                                                    Tel: 07740648845                                                                                                                

                                                                                                                  Girls Vice Captain                                          

                                                                                                                   Francesca Chilton                               

                                                                                                                   Tel: 07720505877



         David Evans                                                                                             

         Ruthven Killingworth Drive

         West Moor

         NE12 7ES

         Tel: 01912684140

         Mob: 07871577220                                                                          


Junior Competition Secretary                                                                 Committee

         David Evans                                                                                   

         Ruthven Killingworth Drive                                                           

         West Moor

         NE12 7ES                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Tel: 07984183369

         Tel: 0191 2684140                                                                                 

         Mob: 07871577220                                                                       John Bartlett                                                                                                                                  Tel: 07979591673


Patrons Secretary                                                                                  Mike Povey                                                                     

                                                                                                                 Tel: 0191 2365466         

                                                                                                                 Tony Williamson

                                                                                                                                    Tel: 07807782785         


                                                                                                                Simon McStravick  

                                                                                                               Mob: 07583380360     

"                                                                                                             Tel: 01661 820429           

                                                                                                            N.L.C.G.A. representative          

Secretary                                                                                               Irene Gillon

                                                                                                             Tel: 01670 737482

                                                                                                               Mob 07894345287





Team Manager

         David Evans



WEB SITE- www.njga.org


The Association web site gives up to date news throughout the season on relevant information affecting the Association, including fixtures, starting draws and results for Junior and Patrons events, together with the progress of County Juniors competting in NJGA, NJCGA and national events. The site also includes an archives section giving details of past results as well as a picture gallery and articles.

The site is kept up to date, particularly with reguard to competition and match results and scores. Juniors (but not Patrons) can also enter competitions on an "on-lin" basis, or on the "Club" entry forms which are posted on the notice boards at most Clubs in the County.

A major item on the site is the Association's Child Protection Policy and Guidelines document, This was agreed to by the Management Committee in 2007 shortly after the EGU brought to a conclusion a long on-going sage by adopting a Child Protection Policy and Guidelines Pack. The Association's document was issued to all Clubs the county and was subsequently adopted by the NUGC. The NJGA/NUGC Child Protection Policy and Guidelines document applies to all "children" under 18 years of age with particular attention bing directed to the Parental Consent Form encompassing Payer Profile information, This form must, with or without amendement, be signed by a parent or guardian prior to any child particpating in any NJGA/NUGC  competition, match or other event. Failure to do so could lead to exclusion unitil a completed form is forthcoming. The Parental Consent Form can be downloaded from the web site, as can the other forms mentioned in the CHild Potection Policy and Guidelines document.

All patron and Junior members of the Association are invited to visit the wbe site (www.njga.org) and let Dvid Evans, the site co-ordinator (email davidevans3138@btinternet.com)  have any suggestion that they might have on ways of improving the site. this can be done by following the links to the contact page where, in particular, informtion is avialable with regard to David Souter, the Patrons Secretary and David Evans the Junior Competitions Secretary. Telephone numbers and addresses for both Davids can be found on this web site by going onto Northumberland Juniors.



Please send all entries for the above to Wallsend Golf Club email address wgc@centurionparkwallsend.co.uk

For the Attention of David Souter. Or ring 0191 2631155. 

Event and Venue

Cellular Solutions Trophies (Fourball Better Ball)                            Percy Wood  Wednesday  17th May

Duncan Quaiche (4BBB Ladies Only)                                                  Blyth  GC Wednesday 7th June

Madgwick Trophy (4BBB Men Only)                                                   Blyth  GC  Wednesday 7th June

Patrons Salvers ( Fourball Better Ball)                                              Bedlingtonshire GC Wednesday 12th July

Beardall Family Trophies (Four ball Better Ball)                               Seahouses Wednesday 6th Septembe



                                                      JUNIOR COMPETITION WINNERS 2016 

 Event & venue                                                         Name & Club                                     

Matchplay Chamionships                                          William Wilkinson

Parklands  G.C                                                          Westerhope G.C

           Leading Qualifier                                          Maxwell Smith

                                                                                 Percy Wood G.C

           Girls                                                              Niamh Lendrum 

                                                                                 Parklands G.C

Strokeplay Under21 Champ/ships  Boys winner  William Wilkinson   

Wallsend G.C                                                          Westerhope G.C

                     Girls Winner                                      Camryn Bulman

                                                                                              Tynemouth G.C

Under 18s /16s /14s Strokeplay Ch/ships

Westerhope G.C 

Under 18s Boys winner                                          Ryan Pittiglio

                                                                                Westerhope G.C

                  Girls winner                                          Niamh Lendrum   

                                                                                Parklands  G.C

Under 16s Boys winner                                          Joseph Robson

                                                                                Hexham  G.C

Under 14s Boys winner                                          Cameron Fletcher Smith  

                                                                                Percy Wood G.C


Teams Championships Overall winners gross      Westerhope G.C 

Tynemouth  G.C                                                     Ryan Pittiglio 

                                                                               William Elsender  

                                                                               William Wilkinson


Player of the Year 2016                                        William Wilkinson

Under 18 Player of the Year                                 Niamh Lendrum