By Pro - November 28 2012
Welcome Welcome to the web site of the Northumberland Junior Golfing Association!

In all other English counties, junior golf is organized and run by the County Unions. In Northumberland, it is the N.J.G.A, which does this on behalf of the Northumberland Union of Golf Clubs for boys under the age of 21 on the 1st of January.

The Association also promotes and fosters golf for 'under 21' girls as well as boys. It does this by running Match and Strokeplay competitions, and a County Teams Championship as well as organizing matches with other Counties, Leagues, Unions and other bodies and providing an extensive coaching programme. 

The Association has no guaranteed income and relies heavily on income raised from Patrons by way of direct subscriptions and from the proceeds of patron’s day competitions. Please follow the links to the Patrons page for details of annual and life subscriptions as well as all Patrons competitions. 

We hope you will find the following pages of interest whether you are a junior, parent or patron and encourage other juniors and patrons to become members and, in doing so, contribute to the enhancement of junior golf in Northumberland.