Members Information 06th April 2015

By BR - April 15 2015


I was having a chat with a couple of Lady members a few days ago explaining some of the things that we have been doing over the past year or so to encourage new members to join the club and during the conversation it struck me that it would perhaps be a good idea to tell all of the members about some of the work that goes on behind the scenes as part of our drive to recruit new members. 

For several years now England Golf has been attempting to promote golf by encouraging clubs to hold “Get into Golf” sessions which would introduce new players to the game and helping them to take their first steps towards becoming regular players. Through the summer months since March 2014 we have been running such classes and Kris has his programme for 2015 already mapped out with a new course starting each month. Following these courses in 2014 we had 15 new members join the club and we are hoping for even more new members from these classes in 2015. 

Kris is also involved in delivering lessons in conjunction withr several other initiatives, some funded by England Golf and the Golf Foundation which are designed to increase participation and hopefully membership as follows.

Full details of the Pathway to Golf are on the website here >>>


Golf Roots Project

Golf Roots is an initiative from the Golf Foundation, aiming to provide more opportunities for children and young people to experience golf.

Supported by funding from Golf Roots, the ambition is to deliver taster sessions to all year 3/4 children in the 7 Primary Schools included in the Cramlington School Sports Partnership during. To enable coaching in all 7 schools, additional funding will be provided by the CSSP. Throughout May-July, a total of over 700 children will be given the opportunity to participate. 

The sessions will be delivered in 2 hour visits to the schools, split into 4 x 30 min coaching sessions with approximately 15 children in each. The preliminary plan is for 12 x 2 hour visits to take place this summer. In the schools, Golf Xtreme equipment will be used, whereas the sessions at Arcot will utilise normal golf equipment. 

The purpose of these sessions is to attract new juniors to Arcot Hall Golf Club. The ambition is to create good links with the schools and improve the accessibility to golf. The participating children will be encouraged to attend follow-on coaching at Arcot in the form of a Summer Golf Camp and our Junior Academy. The aim is for 40 new children to attend some form of coaching at the club during 2015 and at least 10 to be retained long term. 


Sportivate is an initiative mainly focusing on attracting girls and young women into golf. Funding has been secured to deliver a 6 week group coaching program in 2015. The ambition for this initiative is to provide sustainability rather than a one off group class. Therefore a follow-on class will be made available as a ‘reward’ for good attendance and the target is to also integrate these females into the other coaching and membership schemes currently provided at Arcot Hall.


Junior Academy 

The Junior Academy is delivered using the Junior Golf Passport Scheme, endorsed by England Golf. This is a comprehensive program designed to prepare juniors for a golf club membership. The Academy is delivered in blocks of 8 weeks. It has 3 different ability levels and every 8 weeks there is an evaluation to determine who is ready to move up to the next level. We also offer taster sessions to encourage newcomers to have a try. 

In 2014, 20 juniors were involved in weekly coaching sessions and the ambition is to grow this number closer to 30 in 2015. In addition, a number of Junior Academy members should be ready for a club membership in 2015. 

If you know of anyone who would be interested in giving golf a try on any of the above programmes then please contact Brian or Kris in the shop on 0191 2362794 ext 3.


The draws for the Calcutta and the Pattersons have been made and are posted on the notice board in the gents locker rooms. We would ask players to please arrange and play your matches promptly ahead of the deadline dates. The draw for the Bonsor Muter (the Mixed knockout) has not been made yet as we only have 6 entrants at the moment. If you would like to be entered into this competition please contact the office either by phone or email. 

We received a few complaints about the course following last weekends competitions in particular the slow and bumpy nature of the greens. The amount of rain that came down on Good Friday flooded the greens and meant that the staff we unable to cut them prior to play on Saturday. Indeed the green staff did well to remove the surface water from the putting surfaces to get the course open for play by 7.28. Despite doing this at least once on every green the surfaces were so wet that several puddles re formed during the morning. The sortness of the greens due to the wet weather meant that every player walkng on the greens left footprints that causd the surfaces to be very bumpy which was particularly true if you played later in the day after more traffic had been across them. 

The drier weather over the last few days has improved things somewhat and the greens have been verticut today for the first time this season and will be top dressed tomorrow conditions permitting. We would ask members to be understanding of the conditions and that it is very early in the season. 

Finally today a reminder that it is the AGM this Friday 10th April starting at 20.00 which will be followed by the Captain’s Drive In the following day at noon. 

Kind Regards


Brian Rumney