Members Information 10th March 2015

By BR - March 12 2015


Spring is in the air, I know this for several reasons. 

Firstly the snowdrops are popping up, second our Head Greenkeeper Ian has informed me that buggies will be allowed on the course from tomorrow, Wednesday 11th March and third he has also informed me that the fairway protection will come to an end next Monday 16th March. This means no more teeing the ball up in the rough when you hit the fairway Jim Ellison! 

The course has wintered well and as you may already be aware the first load of top dressing was applied last week. Indeed this is the first winter since I arrived at the Club in September 2009 that we have not had to ban the use of trolleys at some stage. The greens were also spiked last week with the thin tines to aerate them which caused one or two members to question members of staff because I had said the “greens would not be spiked” this year. 

To clarify I said in a previous email that following the agronomists visit in September and his report that followed shortly after that we would not need to hollow tine the greens this year although some aeration would still be required. 

Hollow tining is where the tines enter the green and remove a small core every half inch or so. These holes can take quite a while to heal depending on the weather conditions. The purpose of hollow tining is to replace some of the poorer soil in the top 3 inches of the profile with either sand or a sand soil mix. In his report the agronomist said as the profile was so clean we did not need to do this in 2015. 

Aeration is simply putting holes in the putting surface which is required to aid the breakdown of organic matter below the surface of the green. This will need to be done at various points throughout the year on any green in order to keep it in good order. The good news is that when holes are put into the green and no cores are taken out these holes heal much quicker and therefore less disruption is caused. I hope this clears up any confusion. 

Good news! The fixture books have arrived and can be collected either from behind the bar or the shop. 

More good news!! Some of you may already know that our assistant professional Kris Bengtsson who was passed his final PGA exams last year and is now a fully qualifed PGA Professional. You may also know that the work that Kris did in his second year of his PGA studies earned him an award as the top assistant in the North Region. What you will not yet be aware of is that his third year work was of such a high standard that he has again earned the award of top assistant in the North Region and also saw him finish 5th in the country. Well done Kris and congratulations from all at Arcot Hall.


Kind Regards 


Brian Rumney