Members Information 25th Feb 2015

By BR - March 1 2015


On Thursday 12th February we had a visit from our agronomist to review our progress with the winter programme and check the condition of the course in the run up to the season. 

During the visit he made some recommendations that were then discussed by the Greens Committee on Tuesday 17th February and then taken to the General Committee for approval at the meeting held last night (24th February). 

Following last night’s discusions several trees that encroach on the lines of play from the tee boxes on the 3rd, 6th and 15th have been earmarked for removal and will come down over the next few weeks. 

Also some trees around the 15th will be removed to stop the green being in the shade throughout the winter and also to enhance the look of the hole. 

Finally the large tree by the pond on the 9th was identified as dangerous with most of the trunk having rotted away and as a result this tree has had to be removed on saftey grounds before it fell down.  


Kind Regards  


Brian Rumney