Members Newsletter 03rd December 2014

By BR - December 4 2014
Members Newsletter 03rd December 2014


Firstly this week the Ladies held their fundraising Bridge afternoon on Friday 28th November. The event was very well supported and Pat Coppen the new Lady Captain would like to say a huge “thank you” to all the Ladies Committee who helped out on the day and to all the Ladies who generously gave their time to help perpare the food, meet and greet, sell raffle tickets, arrange flowers and serve the teas. The Lady Captains Charity, The Teenage Cancer Trust, will receive a very healthy £231 as a result of the day which is a great start to the fundraising year. 

I received a small amount of feedback regarding the decision to allow full handicap allowance in strokeplay competitions to all members, the vast majority of it positive. One question that has been asked is that now this change has been made will the events that were changed from strokeplay to stableford a couple of years ago revert to strokeplay. This will be discussed at the next Competitions Committee meeting and a final decision will be made at the General Committee, but you may be interested to note that of the 18 singles honours board competitions excluding the Calcutta currently there are 8 strokeplay, 8 stableford and 2 bogey/par. I think it would be fair to say that in general lower handicap players prefer strokeplay and higher handicap golfers prefer stableford (hardly anyone likes bogey!) but the current spread does seem to be the closest we are going to get if we are trying to keep everyone happy. 

The fairway bunker on the left hand side of the 12th hole has been redesigned which now means that all the bunkers on the course have now been done and the bunker programme is now complete. Personally I think they look a lot better than they previously did particularly the large green side bunkers that were made into two smaller ones on the 5th and 17th. All this work has been carried out in house by our staff without any involment from outside contractors so congratulations to the boys on a job well done. 

Friday 12th December sees the Christmas Draw take place in the Lounge at 19.00. A Christmas Quiz will be held and food is available on the evening so if you are intending to come along please put your name on the sheet above the Christmas Draw list in the Lounge. 

A quick note regarding vouchers that have been issued to competition winners this year. Although the balances on bar cards, subs purses and the shop are carried over to 2015 the auditors asked in order that they can reconcile the voucher totals at the year end that all vouchers need to be allocated to one of the 3 departments by the end of December 2014. Any vouchers not allocated by the end of the year will expire so please put them either on your subs purse, bar card or shop account before then. Any unclaimed vouchers will be put onto members shop accounts before they expire. 

Also if anyone is being asked by their loved ones what they want for Christmas and can’t think of anything then gift vouchers for the golf shop are available on request.  


Kind Regards    


Brian Rumney