Members Newsletter 10th November 2014

By BR - November 12 2014
Members Newsletter 10th November 2014


First of all this week the results from the Saturday sweep and Tom Renfree won with 44 points on a countback from Scott Taylor with John Stewart third on 40 points. Spare a thought for Steve lord who also had 40 points but was pipped on the countback for third place. I know that all those who know him will be as devestated as I was to hear how unlucky he was. 

Winter league update and the bad news for me is that I got beat again. I have lost 4 matches in the winter league now and 3 of them have been against Steve Hepplewhite. This time it was his partner Andy Lynch who did the damage and unlike previous lost matches which have been on the last hole this time myself and Paul Soulsby were hammered 4 & 3. The good news is that Andy and Steve didn’t go on and on about it after the game................. much.

The leader before yesterday’s matches was Michael Davison but he lost as well so I’m not sure of the standings after yesterday but I will update the latest standings in the next email. 

Playing the course this Sunday I saw first hand how the heavy rain that had fallen earlier in the week had effected the course. In an effort to minimise the damge that the course will suffer through general play we would ask that members who are able to carry their clubs do so to minimise the damage to the course that trolleys do at this time of the year. Also those of you who use trolleys please do not cross the white lines around the greens that are designed to keep the wear away from the closely mown playing surfaces. We also would ask those using ride on buggies for medical purposes to please keep to the semi rough wherever possible and keep to paths when requested. Recently we had asked that people using ride on buggys keep to the path on the fifteenth hole only to find that someone had driven up the left hand side of the hole and left huge tyre ruts where they had become bogged down. We had similar issues last year where someone had driven across the fifteenth tee damaging the surface. If ride on buggy users continue to disregard instructions re buggy use and cause damage to the course then we may have to consider banning ride on buggies completely. 

Some areas are wetter than others, in particular the swamp areas left of the 8th hole and to the left and right of the path between the ninth green and tenth tee. Please do not venture into these areas as they are very soft and if you don’t believe me ask Jimmy Dalziel who had to be rescued by his playing partners after sinking up to his waist whilst attempting to retrieve a stray ball. I would point out to members the dangers of these areas and although Jimmy and in particular his playing partners saw the funny side of this ( Jimmy is now called “swampy” by some) it could have been serious if he had been playing by himself. 

Also if you have played recently you may have noticed that several of the greens have damaged areas rom the last attack of Fusarium (the left hand side of the 16th has been particularly badly hit). These areas have been sprayed so the damage will be limited to it’s current level for this current attack. 

I would like to take this opportunity to explain how the board works at the first tee as there seems to be a little confusion. If the first tee is busy groups waiting to tee off can put their names onto the board which acts as a list of those next to tee off. In order to enter your groups name onto the list all members of the group must be present. Hope this helps. 

A reminder that the latest Captain’s Forum will take place this coming Friday at 7.30pm. The purpose of this meeting is to update members regarding the progress on the issuing of the membership bonds, answer any questions that members may have on any issues that they may have concerns about and provide an opportunity for members to make any suggestions that they may have. All members are invited to attend. 

The Christmas Dinner Dance is now full so if you haven’t managed to get your name on the list I’m afraid it is too late. 

The kitchen is closed for the next two weeks for refurbishment works and whilst Will and Caroline take a well deserved break. 

The roundabout at Seaton Burn will again be closed this weekend from late on Friday evening until early Monday morning so be prepared for more disruption. Jon Kendrick who works for the company who is undertaking this work says he is hopeful that this will be the last time so lets hope so.


Kind Regards 


Brian Rumney