Members Newsletter 08th September 2014

By BR - September 12 2014
Members Newsletter 08th September 2014
Newsletter Newsletter 8th September 2014


Hi everyone and I would like to start this week with a few words concerning the circumstances surrounding Saturday morning.

Friday night saw 11 mm of rain fall on the course the result of which was large areas of the 18th and putting greens covered in standing water when I got to work at 06.45. The green keepers who start at 05.00 on a weekend inspected the course and found that there was standing water on every single green.

They went round the course clearing the greens and moving the holes to high spots but the greens were so wet that on several holes after they had removed the water the puddles reappeared almost immediately. Because of the conditions and the fact that they were, quite rightlty concentrating their efforts in getting the course open and playable they would not have been able to start cutting the greens until well after the competition had started at 7.28. Greens cannot be cut when they have standing water on them

Because we could not start cutting the greens, thus changing course conditions, after some players had already played none of the greens were cut on Saturday morning for the reasons explained above. In past years given the conditions the lads faced the course may well have been closed and I would like to thank both Jeff and Tony for their hard work and on making the correct decisions on Saturday which allowed the Elliott Trophy to be played even if the greens were a bit slower than normal.

I would politely ask members if they have any complaints about the course condition or set up to make them either directly to me or through the Greens Committee and not complain to the green keepers and interupt them when they are working on the course as happened on Sunday morning.

Richard Turner obviously did not have an issue with the greens on Saturday as his winning score of 8 up showed. Jim Ellison must have thought he had the win in the bag when he came in 6 up and would be even more disappointed to find he had finished third beaten into second place by Dennis Willoughby on a countback.

The Knockout finals are fast approaching and we now know the players who have qualified for both the singles and the doubles in the men’s events. The Calcutta (singles) will be played this Sunday at 10.30 between John Todd and Barry Forbes with the Pattersons (doubles) being played the following Sunday at 11.30 where Jim Ellison & Andy Lynch will play Dave Southern and Del Robinson

The Final of the Hardy Wilson Bowl was played last Friday and saw Andy Cunningham beat Paul Dunn 6 & 4 with Andy producing some fantastic golf in the process (by all accounts he was 4 under par after 9). This caps a successful season for Andy who has been one of the most consistant players in the Club this year which is shown by his current 4th position in the Order of Merit and the reduction in his handicap to 3.

Speaking of the Order of Merit as we come into the last few weeks of the season we have a new leader. Steve Hepplewhite (179.85) has moved 2.35 points ahead of long time leader Gavin Foster (177.25) with Steve Lord (162) back in third. Gavin has asked me to point out that he has been working away for the last 2 months and has hardly played a competition in that time which is the only reason that Steve has moved ahead which is probably true but won’t be remembered on Presentation night which this year will be held on Saturday 11th October. A sheet will be posted in the locker room this week so members can book their tables and we would ask as many members as possible to attend and congratulate the winners.

The Winter League kicks off on Sunday 28th September and the entry sheet is up on the notice board in the men’s locker room. The Winter League players meet up every Sunday at 8.30 in the locker room and you are drawn in 4 balls whenever possible and with different players each week. You get 2 points if you win your match, 1 if you half and 0 if you lose and the winner is the player with the most points at the end of the winter. You don’t have to play every week but obviously if you don’t you will have no chance of adding to your points total. Although it can be quite competitive at times it is a fairly relaxed way of having a game on a Sunday during the winter and I would advise anyone wishing to meet a wider cross section of our membership to put their name down on the list.

The Captain is on holiday in America at the moment but has asked me via email to ask members not to ring him at home late in the evenings. One member had rung his house just after 10 on a Sunday night recently while he was away and had woken his daughter who had not long been asleep after a long shift as a midwife.

Later this week, on Thursday, we have the AM/AM which is a 4 man team event to hopefully raise funds to invest in the course. Teams are still available and are £120 for a 4 person team which includes golf, a meal and a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

Kind Regards


Brian Rumney