Members Newsletter 03rd September 2014

By BR - September 12 2014
Members Newsletter 03rd September 2014
Newsletter Newsletter 3rd September 2014


First this week we will start with a catch up on the competition results since Captain’s Day which was won by Peter Wylie with a nett 66 by one shot from Paul Slinn with Phil Spratt a shot further back in third. Best Past Captain was Mick Jobson and Best Veteran was Mohammad Farsi.

The Stableford the following day saw only 8 players enter due to high winds and the winner with 30 points was Gary Lawson.

The Azure Trophy on Saturday 23rd August was won by Jim Ellison and Rob Devitt with 46 points on a countback from Geoff and Dave Fawkes with Mark Malloy and John “Fluffy” Burke third with 44 points.

The midweek stableford on Wednesday 27th August was won by Darren Jordan on 39 points by one from Ronnie Moat in second with Steve Lawson one point further back in third.

The Arcot Junior Patrons played on Saturday 30th August was won by Adam Woodhouse with 38 points who finished 1 point clear of Rob Anderson and Craig Balmer who were second and third respectively seperated on a countback. Best Lady was Lorraine Whiteman with 34 points. Adam’s friends will be delighted to know that there is not an Honours Board for this competition and his father Fred is officially still the best golfer in the family even though it’s only by 0.1!

The latest Ladies results include Jean Dickinson winning the Arcot Trophy with a nett 74 on a countback from Hazel Palfreyman and the Nell Dady Trophy was won by Marie Jobson by just half a shot from Pat Coppen. Congratulations to Pat and Chris Coppen for their victory in the Bonser Muter Mixed Knockout beating Gary and Lorrinda Russell in the final.

The greens have recovered quite well from the Graden treatment but will be a little slow over the next week or so as they have been fertilized to speed up their recovery. Once the covering of grass becomes more uniform and the growth slows down they will return to something like their normal speed and the top dressing planned for later this week should help as well. The agronomist will be making his annual visit to the Club on Friday 12th September and his report will follow shortly after with recommendations for 2015.

The last social event of the summer is planned for Saturday 20th September and will be another barbeque following the success of the July event. This event will also see the Juniors presented with their trophies and tickets are available behind the bar at the cost of £10 for adults and £5 for under 16’s.

The voting for the two bunker options regarding the 14th hole is now finished and the results are as follows. 52 people voted in favour of option 1 which was the 3 bunker option and 68 people voted for option 2 the 1 large bunker option. 11 people managed to vote for the option of no bunkers at all and 1 person anonymously voted for the 1 large bunker and that I be buried in it which was nice to read, thank you. The options will be discussed at the next round of Committee meetings (hopefully with the exception of the last one) and a final decision taken on what we do on the 14th.

We have a new service available on the website which will help members find out what times the tee will be available on Fridays outside of the Ladies Competition times. By Monday of each week the draw for the Ladies Competition the following Friday will be published on the website to help members know when they will be able to play. I would like to thank the Ladies for their help regarding this matter.

That’s it for now apart from mentioning that the link with Eaglescliffe seems to have been well received at both Clubs. It takes less than 1 hour to get to Eaglescliffe and if you haven’t made it down yet I suggest you give it a go. However if you do go make sure you take time to plan your route so you know where you are going as Andy Lynch took the best part of 2 hours to get there a couple of weeks ago taking in the delights of Richmond on the way. Those who don’t know Andy may be surprised at this but those who do know him will understand.

Kind Regards


Brian Rumney