Members Information 19th August 2014

By BR - August 19 2014
Members Information 19th August 2014 Members Information 19th August 2014


 A few quick points to keep you in the loop so to speak regarding this week and several fixture changes for your diary for the rest of the year.

First a note on the work that will take place on the greens this week. The original plan was that we would hollow tine today and tomorrow and then the Graden treatment would begin on Thursday which would be completed by Friday afternoon.

Due to the recent heavy rain which has significantly softened the greens it has been decided that doing both treatments together could lead to some areas of the greens being damaged therefore the hollow tining has been postponed.

As a result no work will be undetaken on the greens until Thursday but reparation for the work has already commenced so you will see bags of kiln dried sand around the greens from today onwards.

Due to the abandoned Captain’s day and it’s rescheduling on the 16th August we have had to make further changes to the fixture list. A copy of the new list of fixtures has been emailed out to members, the fixture list can also be accessed on the website here 

Results and other news will follow later in the week.


Kind Regards


Brian Rumney