Members Newsletter 29th July 2014

By BR - July 30 2014
Members Newsletter 29th July 2014
Newsletter Members Newsletter for 29th July 2014


At last the phones are back working!!

For those of you who are unaware workers at the Seaton Burn roundabout cut through our phone line in the early hours of Thursday 10th July which has meant we have been without phones, internet access, email or ability to accept card payments until yesterday late morning.

This explains why I haven’t been in touch lately and also the fact that the Competition results have not been appearing on Howdidido.

I have now caught up with the majority of the 963 emails that arrived when the lines were restored and we didn’t miss out on too many calls as I had the numbers diverted to my mobile number to minimise the disruption to the business (a decision I was beginning to regret by day 18 I must confess). We are pursuing the possibility of compensation for the disruption with both our phone supplier and insurance company.

Now it’s time for a longer than usual update of the competition results over the past few weeks.

Firstly a great score of nett 64 by Steve Lord in the Swinburne Wilson Cup onWednesday 9th July saw him triumph by just 1 shot from Derek Williams with Fred Woodhouse 2 shots further back on 67. Really low scoring that saw Steve cut an extra shot for his second extra-ordinary score of the season and sees Fred confirm his position as the best golfer in his family!

The top 3 players in the Brown Trophy held on Saturday 12th July all had 40 points and could only be seperated on a countback. Winner was Daniel Lindsay with Alfie Miller second and Graham Duckworth third.

The following day will go down in Arcot Hall history as the day Steven Ashley finally broke par. It’s been a while but it was well worth the wait as his gross 69 equated to 41 points which saw him finish 2 clear of Tom Brooks with Matt Kuchar lookalike Michael Wilson a further point back in third.

My last newsletter may have contained some less than complimentary remarks about the standard of Gary Russell’s golf after he and his wife Lorinda won the Arcot Salvers. In an attempt to prove me wrong he refocused his efforts and won the July Monthly medal with a nett 66 by 2 shots from Simon Lunn in second with Dave Southern third with a nett 70. Gary then won the sweep on Sunday 27th July to further make his point but what he fails to understand is that rather than complaining that I was taking the mick he should be thanking me for inspiring these recent performances with my gentle words of encouragement.

We finally held the Club Championship qualifiers on Saturday 19th July and Jonathon Brookes won the Wilkinson Salver for the lowest 36 hole score with a level par score of 140. Runner up was Andrew Gibson on 141 with Scott Maleen third on 142. Andrew will be rueing the fact that he did not check his score card a little more carefully as he had actually shot 69 in his second round and not the 70 he signed for which would have meant he won the trophy because of a lower second round.

To make matters worse Andrew was unable to go forawrd to the matchplay rounds because of work commitments so the quarter final line up saw the top 4 qualifiers, Jonny Brookes, Scott Mallen, Josh Brookes and Louis Sneddon take on Connor Wilson, Jonny Lynn, Dave Fawkes and Steven Ashley respectively.

Jonny Brookes beat Connor in the quarter final and progressed into the final by beating Steven Ashley in the semis. Dave Fawkes was the other finalist after defeating Josh in the quarters and then Jonny Lynn in the semi. Jonny went on to claim the Wilkinson Salver/Club Championship double by beating Dave in the final on the Sunday afternoon. At the time of writing this Jonny Lynn still has a job despite beating his boss Scott in the quarter final.

The qualifying and matchplay rounds for the new Second Division Club Championship were held at the same time as the first division with the top 8 gross scores going forward to the matchplay stages. Jim Ellison was the leading qualifier and he beat Adam Woodhouse (officially not as good as his dad Fred) in the quarter final and Tony Mullarkey in the semi who had beaten Mal Burt in their quarter final. He played John Kendrick in the final who beat George Martin in the quarters and Peter Wylie in the semi on Sunday morning. Peter had beaten Rob Anderson in his quarter final. Jim confirmed his place as leading qualifier by beating John in the final to become our first ever 2nd Division Club Champion.

The best nett in the Second Divison qualifier was a nett 61 (yes 61) which was a surprisingly low score made even more surprising when you find out it was Paul Friel who was responsible for it! I think I am correct in saying that this is the lowest nett score so far this year so well done Paul.

The sweep on the 20th July was won with 39 points by John “fluffy” Burke (winter league champion) who won by 2 points from Anthony Rayner with Trevor Kennedy third on 36. I played with Anthony and he looked like the winner after 10 holes when he had 26 points but the added pressure from his playing partners (not me this time) telling him he couldn’t lose if he just kept going meant he finished with 37. Mark Malloy and Andy Lynch have asked me to remind John that you don’t get your name on the honours boards for winning a sweep or the winter league.

Invitation day as usual was split over 2 days Wednesday and Saturday. The winners on Wednesday were Richard Turner and his partner Adam Procter with 47 points who finished 1 ahead of Keith Cuggy and Colin McKay. Third with 43 points was Bill Brydon and Colin Campbell who travelled down from Scotland to visit his old stomping ground.

Saturday saw four pairs tied on 45 points with the countback deciding that Alan Spratt and Danny Wheatley finished first from Steve Sansom and S Brooks with Chris Barnett and George Coulson third and Dave Foster and D Polworth.

As they had the best score over the two days the overall winners were Richard and Adam so they will receive the trophies at the Club Supper.

John and Hazel Palferyman made up for their near miss in the Arcot Salvers earlier in the month by winning the Chape Salvers from Keith and Jean Dickinson in second. It was a remarkable performance as John could hardly walk and Hazel had to tee the ball up for him and pick it out of the hole as he had injured his groin in a toe nail cutting incident that thos eof you under the age of 45 will not understand but the rest of us will sympathise with. Get well soon John.

In the Ladies prize day 2, category 1 was won by Lorraine Whiteman with 34 points, Category 2 by Adrianne Thompson with 31 points and Category 3 by Rosene Redpath with 27 points.

In other news we have had a busy couple of weeks with the kitchen and bar being particularly busy. The bar had a record week last week taking more in a week than we usually do in the month of January and over the past 2 weeks the bar has taken as much as we did in the whole of July 2012 so thanks to all the staff for all their hard work and all the thirsty golfers.

The Greens Chairman has asked me to ask for helpers on the next divoting day which will take place next Tuesday 5th August at 9.30.

On a totally different note with the football season looming on the horizon the shop staff would like to issue a challenge. Last year myself Dan and Jack entered teams in the Sky Fantasy Football Competition and formed our own league. Dan won by 1 point from Jack and I finished a very unlucky 3rd about 200 points behind. We thought it would be a good idea this year to open it up to the members so we could have a league amongst anyone who was interested. If any member would like to take part then register on the Sky Fantasy Football website, pick your team and give it a name (clean names please) and then see a member of the shop staff and we will give you a code to join the league.

It’s Captain’s Day this Saturday and Lady Captain’s Day on Friday. Hope they both have a rain free day and everyone enjoys their days golf.

Just a quick word of thanks to Ian and his staff for the condition of the golf course at the moment. It is the best it has been in the almost 5 years I have been here and they deserve a lot of credit for their work so well done boys.

Finally can I ask anyone with any old golf balls could we have them for the junior lessons as we are running very low. Andy Lynch kindly gave us some a few weeks ago which was really kind of him and came as a bit of a shock as having seen him play at close quarters I didn’t think he kept golf balls long enough for them to get old. Maybe he found them in the trees whilst looking for his.

Kind Regards     

Brian Rumney