Greens Report 14th June 2014

By BR - June 15 2014
Greens Report 14th June 2014 Greens Report - 14th June 2014




When I cast my mind back to the end of April everything was going so well. We’d had a fairly mild winter and the course was in good condition providing us a great platform to start our verti-cutting and top dressing programme about 6 weeks earlier than we had been able to for the past 2 years.

Then May arrived bringing 109 mm of rain (average for the month of May is 48mm) and causing several Competitions to be cancelled or abandoned. June started in the same way with 45mm falling in the first 10 days (average rainfall for the month of June is 46mm).

Although the greens coped fairly well through the first 3 weeks of May with the water draining away quickly we were unable to progress the verti-cutting and top dressing programmes because of the wet conditions and eventually the cumulative effect of all this water is that the greens have become saturated and very soft. In these conditions the putting surface will become worse during the day as more and more footprints are made by players who teed off early.

Indeed at times the course has become so soft we have been unable to operate the large cutting machinery so the fairways have been longer than usual. The problem we face is the same damp, warm conditions that are stopping the heavy machinery from getting onto the course are perfect conditions for grass to grow so if we do miss a couple of cutting days then it can look a little ragged when we can finally get on to cut the rough or the semi in particular.

We have had to start to cut the greens by hand as they are currently too soft for the greens machine to operate without causing damage. The moisture is being retained in the green by organic matter that we constantly try to take measures to reduce by hollow tining, verti-cutting and top dressing. For the first time this year we will be using the graden deep scarifier which is pencilled in for mid August which will hopefully improve matters.

Hopefully the current decent spell of dry weather will stay with us for a week or so as is the current forecast which will ease the situation and the greens will firm up somewhat. As soon as they become firm enough for the machine to be able to work on them it is our intention to pencil tine the greens to allow some air into the surface and help the drying out process. These small holes will disappear within a couple of days so much so that some of you may not even notice that they have been done at all. We also intend to apply more top dressing early next week if we have dry enough conditions which again should give a firmer putting surface.

I would like to thank the majority of the members for their understanding as I know it is not ideal to miss playing golf in May and June particularly at weekends but we are trying our best given the tough conditions we are faced with.

Brian Rumney on behalf of the Greens Committee