Eaglescliffe Golf Club - Reciprocal Arrangement

By BR - April 30 2014
Eaglescliffe Golf Club - Reciprocal Arrangement Members of Arcot Hall will be allowed to play an unlimited number of rounds per year at Eaglescliffe Golf Club , any day excluding Saturdays, free of charge and always subject to availability ...



The main news to give you today is that the reciprocal golf agreement with Eaglescliffe Golf Club will be active from tomorrow, 1st May 2014, having been given approval by the Eaglescliffe Committee on Tuesday evening.

For those who don’t know we announced at the AGM that an agreement had been reached in principal between the 2 Clubs to allow members of each Club un,imited free golf Sunday to Friday at the other, subject to availability. I said at the time that details would be circulated when they were finalised and please find below details of how the scheme will work.

Members of Arcot Hall would be allowed to play an unlimited number of rounds per year at Eaglescliffe Golf Club , any day excluding Saturdays, free of charge and always subject to availability. The same would apply for Eaglescliffe members wishing to play at Arcot Hall.

Any member wishing to take advantage of this arrangement must book in advance through the Professional of the host club and must also present proof of membership of his or her home club before they play. (Either their bar card or an up to date membership disc would suffice) Members of each club will be allowed to receive member discounts on bar sales at the host club on production of their home clubs bar card.

Members must give the number of players in the group, all of their names and a contact telephone number when booking tee times. Groups of up to 8 players will be allowed as standard, groups of more than 8 will be at the discretion of the host club

Times are subject to availability and therefore host clubs events will always have priority. Should a booking be made at a Club and then subsequently event or visiting party require the same time the host club will contact the members who have made the booking and rearrange their tee time. It should be pointed out to members politely but firmly that this is a courtesy agreement between the two clubs and the host club will always have the final say on whether or not a booking can be taken.

 The host club would be within their rights to refuse courtesy of their course to any member of the other club turning up without booking in advance or any member who did not abide by the host clubs rules and dress code.  

 This agreement excludes Open Competitions where normal entry fees will apply.

If a member of Eaglescliffe brings non Eaglescliffe members to Arcot Hall then he could sign them in as a member and they would pay the members’ guest green fee rate. The same would be true of Arcot Hall members taking non Arcot Hall members to Eaglescliffe.

Any member of either club that is caught attempting to abuse this system in any way will have this privilege withdrawn indefinitely and will be subject to disciplinary action from their home club.

Any unsatisfactory behaviour from members of either club whilst at the other will be communicated between the Secretaries and dealt with by the Committees in the usual way.

I hope that members take advantage of and enjoy their rounds at Eaglescliffe who are celebrating their Centenary this year.