CM Chapter 9 Code of Conduct

By DG - June 2 2012





1.  Daily Course Preparation


This includes work on Tees, Bunkers, Aprons and Greens. It normally takes the staff 4 hours to complete these daily tasks following the most productive route around the course.


Work starts at 6.30 a.m. in summer and, depending on daylight, no later than 7.30 p.m. in winter.


Players starting before 9.00 a.m. in summer are asked to give priority to Greens Staff so that daily course preparation can be completed in the shortest possible time.


2.  Notices to Members and Visitors


The following events will be shown on notice boards updated daily:-


a)  When chemicals are being used on the course.


b)  When abnormal work is in progress.


c)  Greens which are in temporary (winter) use.


3.  Players and Greens Staff


Players are to ensure that it is appropriate for them to play without endangering the Greens Staff and should not play to a green if work is in progress on that green.


Greens Staff will, when working on a green, stand aside when appropriate and signal when they are ready for a ball to be played to that green.


During the early part of the day players are asked to give priority to Greens Staff. After course preparation is complete. Greens Staff are to give priority to players.


4.  Complaints


Any complaint is to be in writing to the Secretary/Manager and not directly to any member of the Greens Staff. The Secretary/Manager will deal with the complaint, in conjunction with the Head Greenkeeper, if of a minor nature. Serious complaints will be passed to the Committee.



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