CM Chapter 7 Greenkeeper

By DG - June 2 2012






Responsible to the Secretary/Manager.

Responsible for all other members of the Greens Staff.


Overall responsibility to ensure the course is kept in a first class condition and that it, and the areas surrounding it within the boundaries of the course, are tidy, well presented, and maintained, all in accordance with the detailed standards contained in the Club's Course Management Policy Document and within budgets previously agreed by the Committee.




a)  Course


1) Carry out appropriate maintenance and treatment of the entire playing surface of the course, greens, tees, fairways, roughs and surrounding areas in accordance with the Course Management Policy and following the priorities agreed by the Greens Committee.


2) Implement treatment programs recommended by the agronomist retained by the Club through PSD Agronomy after approval by the Greens/General Committee.


3) Assist in preparing winter maintenance program for the Greens Committee.


4)  Ensure the sprinkler system is fully operational at all times.


5) Maintain records of the application of pesticides and fertilisers.


6) Advise on the use of temporary greens and tees when necessary and on whether the course should be closed in the event snow, frost or flooding.


7) Construct new tees, greens, paths or any other project as approved by the Greens/General Committee.


8) Maintain the woodlands, scrub, heath, boundary fences, ponds, streams and drainage ditches in accordance with the Course Management Policy Document.


9)  Take appropriate action against rabbits, moles and other pests.


10) Assist in making recommendations on ways in which the course can be improved and helping to implement a rolling plan to achieve continued improvement.


b)  Machinery and Equipment


1)  Recommend and assist in the preparation and continuation of a rolling plan for the purchase of replacement and new equipment.


2) Ensure that all equipment is maintained correctly, serviced where necessary and cleaned after use.


3) Maintain a ledger of all equipment and an inventory of smaller hand-tools etc.


4) Ensure that the green keeper’s sheds and office, toilets and working area are kept in a clean and tidy condition.


c)  Consumables


1) Maintain adequate stocks of pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, top soil, top dressing and other consumables as necessary.


2)  Ensure that all consumables particularly those subject to a COSSH assessment are stored in accordance with statutory requirements.


d)  Staff


1) Be involved in the interviewing, engagement, motivation and training of all members of the Greens Staff.


2)  Organise and control the Greens Staff on a daily basis.


3)  Be the first step in the disciplinary procedure.


4) Ensure all the Greens Staff are familiar with the standards and procedures required by the Club as set out in the Course Management Policy.


5) Ensure that the Greens Staff are instructed in, and comply with, matters relating to Health & Safety in particular:-


i) Using the correct protective clothing including ear protection.

ii) Using the equipment in a correct and safe manner.

iii) The storage and use of pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, fuels etc.

iv) The display of warning signs after application of pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals.

v) Ensuring the first aid kits are correctly stocked.


6) He should also ensure that COSSH assessments are made where necessary and that the Club’s Health & Safety Policy Statement is displayed in the Greens Shed and is read by all staff.


7) He should make recommendations on annual pay increases for Greens Staff and authorise overtime payments to staff.


8)  He should carry out yearly appraisals of the staff.


e)  General


1) He should attend all Greens Committee Meetings and make his report.


2)  Ensure the Greens Staff are fully briefed to maintain the course adequately when he is on holiday or absent for any other reason.


3) Assist in the preparation of the annual greens budgets and monitor actual expenditure during the year against those budgets


4) Check supplier’s invoices for all purchases in relation to the course.



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