CM Chapter 6 Health & Safety

By DG - June 2 2012





ARCOT HALL GOLF CLUB LIMITED, Arcot Hall, Dudley, Cramlington, Northumberland, recognises and accepts its responsibility as an employer to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees.


ARCOT HALL GOLF CLUB will take all necessary steps to meet this responsibility paying particular attention to the provision of:-


a)  Plant and systems of work that are, so far as it reasonably practical, safe and without risks to health.


b)  Sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable all employees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to their own safety and health at work.


c) Safe access and egress in properties, working places, and recreational areas controlled by the Club.


d)  Welfare first aid facilities to comply with any relevant legislation.


This general policy will be reviewed annually by the Committee and where considered appropriate will be updated.


The Club reminds all employees of their own duties and responsibilities under the Health & Safety Legislation to take care for their own safety and that of other employees and other persons who may be affected by their activities at work and these duties and responsibilities are as follows:-


a)  Employees must take reasonable care for their own health and safety at work and for that of other persons who might be affected by their activities.


b) Employees must comply with the safety policy and co-operate with the Committee and perform any duties in a manner which complies with any legal requirements.


c)  Employees must not interfere with, or misuse, equipment or systems of work which have been installed to comply with legislation.


d)  Employees must observe safety rules at all times, use the correct tools and equipment for the job, wear appropriate protective clothing and use safety devices where supplied.


e)  Employees must report any accidents, unsafe practices or systems of work, damaged or defective machinery, plant or equipment, to a responsible person.


f)  Employees must report any incident of being hit by golf balls or of near misses.









To carry out the following in keeping with the Club's responsibilities and in accordance with the established procedures of the Club -


a) To understand the Health and Safety Policy of the Club and to accept, as Safety Officer, responsibility for all operations under its control.


b)  To ensure application of the policy.


c)  To ensure that the statutory requirements are observed and that relevant records and reports are kept.


d)  To ensure that all personnel receive necessary instructions on their responsibilities for safe working procedures and that these are being carried out.


e) To institute regular safety check procedures covering house-keeping, plant equipment, buildings environment and welfare facilities.


f)  To establish emergency procedures in the event of serious injury fire or illness.


g)  To ensure that appropriate training is provided where necessary.


h)  To ensure that due consideration is given to the protection of the public.


i)  To periodically appraise the effectiveness of the policy and ensure that any necessary changes are made.









The Head Greenkeeper is responsible for ensuring that the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Acts, as applicable to his area of responsibility as to staff under his jurisdiction are carried out:-


a)  To maintain at all times safe working practices.


b)  To ensure that relevant safety publications are available for reference.


c) To consider all aspects and representations of safety from the Safety Officer and to take such actions as is deemed appropriate.


d)  The correct and safe operation of machinery, maintenance and cleaning, fitting and use of guards.


e) Provision and maintenance of the correct first aid box contents.


f) To ensure the safe use of electrical equipment, servicing and installation by competent persons, the guarding and securing of cables and correct connection between appliance cable and plug.


g) To ensure that the wearing of protective clothing and ear protection units is carried out when working conditions require their use.


h) Proper supervision in the storage care and use of corrosive and injurious chemicals including flammable spirits and fuels and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.


i) To report immediately to the Safety Officer any matter affecting health, safety or welfare which in his opinion requires attention.



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