Objective and Introduction

By DG - June 2 2012





To eliminate the risk of sweeping and continued alterations of the course due to changes in Chairman of Greens, Greens Committees and Head Greenkeeper/Course Managers.


Continually to upgrade the quality of every aspect of the course by developing a long term course improvement policy with professional advice and provide a continual improvement prioritized plan over a rolling five to ten year period.


Several people will be involved in compiling such a document, particularly, the Chairman of Greens, the Head Greenkeeper, the Greens Committee, Club Secretary/Manager and possibly the Club Agronomist.  General Committee agreement is needed to the initial plan and any significant changes.






Chain of Command - General Committee - Greens Committee – Club Secretary/Manager - Head Greenkeeper - Greens Staff.




Identify the characteristics which typify the course e.g. Parkland - Heathland. The type of vegetation and the various aspects which need particular attention on specific areas of the course.


These features should include the playing characteristics and the structural features of putting greens, surrounds and aprons, tees, fairways, semi-rough, hazards, and rough including the practice area. Together with the areas not in immediate play but still

Contribute to the feature of the course e.g. woodland, scrub, gorse, and heather etc. which can also provide valuable areas for conservation.




Having established objectives, broad but detailed principles of the various areas should be laid down.


Where professional advice is required it will be sought from experienced consultants with a proven record.



Optimum number of green staff to be identified and a commitment made to training and education. A complete inventory of machines and equipment. A phased programme of replacement and a controlled policy of maintenance. Only specific tried and proven materials are to be applied on the course. Quality should not be sacrificed, particularly top dressing, sand, turf and chemicals.




There should be a clear stated policy relating to temporary greens and tees, winter play in frost conditions and the avoidance of over use. There should be properly identified periods for essential maintenance with priority given to green staff in the course through the green. A regulation of golf trolley and buggy usage should be considered on the course.




Arcot Hall Golf Club recognizes and accepts its responsibility as an employer to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees.


The Secretary/Manager is responsible for the overall control and implementation of the Company’s Health and Safety policy. The Course Manager (Head Greenkeeper) is responsible for ensuring his staff, or any contractor under his control, comply with the safe working practices set out in the Health and Safety Policy Document.



The purpose of this procedure is to ensure fair treatment for employees who may become liable to disciplinary action. In the case of disciplinary action, the Green staff will be subject to the Company’s Disciplinary Procedure. If any of the Green staff has a grievance arising from his/her employment they will have recourse to the Company’s grievance procedure.



(a)  Agronomist to visit at least once a year.

(b)  Architectural and Structural Work.

Any alterations to the course should only be undertaken after consultation with The English Nature Conservancy Council, the Club Agronomist, British Coal and if necessary, a qualified architect. Bunker and tee alterations or additions should form a phased construction programme.

(c)  Ecology and Conservation Management.

A proper programme of ECOLOGICAL/CONSERVATION management should be started after consultation with English Nature with an ecologist sympathetic to the needs of golfers.


Once the management program is drawn up, implementation will be obligatory, subject to the Green keeper’s necessary flexibility in responding to conditions in terms of timing. 



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