New General Date Protection Regulations

By Admin - May 16 2018

                                                                           Wallsend Golf Club 


 Privacy Notice For Golf Club Members. GDPR.

      General Data Protection Regulation

                 What Personal Information Does The Golf Club Collect About You

                   The Golf Club collects the following information from members.

                   * Name and Contact details.

                      Address. Email. Phone Number.

                   * Payment details for Membership and Competition entry fees using Credit-Debit

                      Cards and monthly payments via Zebra Finance .

                      Bank Account.

                    How Does The Golf Club Use Golfers Personal Information

                             The Golf Club uses this information for the following purposes.

                   * To Operate the Golf Club and provide golfers with Tee Time booking and event


                   * For internal record keeping.

                   * ( Provided the Golfer gives consent) To ssend golfers promotional emails about

                      special offers or other membership benefits that they may find interesting.

                      (The Golfer can opt out from receiving hese types of communication at any time).

                   * (Provided the Golfer gives consent)  To contact golfers for Market Research

                      purposes  to ask about  services that may be offerd in the future.

                      (The Golfer can opt out of receiving these types of communication at any time).

                   * We may deliver this information by post, telephone or email with the golfers


                   * Be aware that the personal information you provide to us and which we collect

                      about you is required by us to be able to provide our services to you and without

                      it we may not be able to do so.

                   * The golfer will need to sign a consent form and tick the relevant boxes to

                      confirm their "clear affirmative Consent" to receive the mailings.  When you

                      rely on consent, the requirement for a clear affirmative act means the individual

                      must take deliberate action to opt in.

                      Does the Golf Club share your personal information with third parties



                      The Golf Club will not share golfers personal information without consent

                       except :-

                    * Where it is necessary to share with a service provider, such as GolfNow, in order

                       to provide golfers with services they have requested, such as booking tee times,

                       customer support or marketing.

                    * Where the Golf Club has a legal obligation to disclose the information (such as

                       responding to a court order-DBS checks on volunteers). The Golf Club do not

                       need their consent but must inform them that the Gol Club is undertaking

                       the check and that you are doing so in order to comply with your legal

                       requirements to protect the Golf Clubs legal rights or to prevent fraud or

                       illegal activity.

                    * Clubs may be required to disclose information regarding their members

                       to England Golf so that England Golf can provide the full benefits to

                       membership. This would not require the consent of the individual  as it is

                       necessary for the fulfillment of the membership contract. England Golf require

                       personal data regarding club members such as name gender and year of birth in

                       order to run the Central Database of Handicaps (CDH). England Golf has a

                       legitimate interest in receiving handicap information. Therefore consent is not


                       Data Retention


                 * Unless  there is good reason to do so memberships that have lapsed with no

                       further contact should be deleted from the system or for a reasonable time

                       afterwards to allow for reinstatement if requested.

                        "Sensitive Data"

                  * Some data falls into special categories where extra caution must be taken.

                        There are enhanced rules in respect of such data regarding individuals as

                        follows. :-

                     * Racial or ethnic origin.

                     * Political opinions.

                     * Religious or philisophical beliefs.

                     * Trade Union membership.

                     * Genetic data.

                     * Biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person.

                     * Health.

                     * Sex life or sexual orientation.

                      Processing Of Data


                      * The Membership Application form will include the following in the form of

                         a Privacy Notice which the new member will read and confirm that they have

                         read prior to submitting their personal information to make the application.

                      * Identity and contact details of thedata controller.

                      * The legal basis for processing personal data.

                      * Retention period for which the data will be stored.

                      * Individuals specific rights over their data. The right to access data and if

                         processing is based on consent the right to withdraw that consent.

                      * The right to complain to a supervisory authority which in the UK is the

                          Information Commissioners Office.

                      * Right to rectification. This allows individuals to  require the Golf Club to rectify

                         any inaccurate data about him/her without undue delay, including where the 

                         personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which they

                         were collected or a data subject withdraws his/her consent and no other legal

                         ground for processing applies.

                      * Right to restricting processing. This allows individuals to in certain

                         circumstances require the Golf Club to restrict its processing to storage only.

                      * Right to data portability. This enables individuals who have consented to the

                         processing of their data to ask for a copy of that personal data in a commonly

                         used format so that it can easily be transferred to another data controller.


GDPR Key Principles.



                    1.  Use data fairly, lawfully and transparently.

                    2.  Personal data may only be collected for specified, explicit and legitimate


                    3.  Personal data must be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary

                         for the purpose for which you collect it.

                    4.  Personal data must be accurate and where necessary kept up to date.

                    5.  Data must be kept in a form that permits identification of individuals for no

                         longer than is necessary.

                    6.  Personal data must be processed in a manner that ensures security and

                         restriction access rights.