Mens Fixtures 2014

By Admin - February 24 2012

Wallsend Golf Club

Fixtures 2014

March                                                                                                                      H/Cap All.

Sat. 29th.   Captains Drive In.

                    Format. Fourball Better Ball Stableford.               Max. 18.

Sun. 30th.   Texas Scramble.                                                        Max. 24.


 Tue.  1st Midweek Stableford.

                   Format. Singles Stableford                                        Max. 28.

Sat.   5th    Brannighan Shield

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                       Max. 28.

Sun. 6th.   Medal

                  Format. Singles Strokeplay                                         Max. 21

Tue. 8th.    Midweek Stableford.

                   Format. Singles Stableford                                        Max. 28.

Sat. 12th.  NSPCC Putter

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                       Max. 28.

Sun. 13th.   

                   Format.                                                                           Max.

Tue. 15th.  Midweek Stableford.

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                       Max. 28.

Sat. 19th.  McClintock Bowl

                    Format. Fourball Better Ball Stableford                  Max.18.

Sun. 20th. Minories Trophy.

                   Format. Greensomes Strokeplay.                              Max. 21. 1/2 Com.

Mon. 21st.Easter Trophy

                   Format. Singles Stableford                                          Max. 28 

Tue. 22nd.  St. Georges Day Trophy

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                          Max. 28.

Sat. 26th.    

                   Format.                                                                             Max.

Sun. 27th.   Medal

                   Format. Singles Strokeplay                                           Max. 21. 

Tue.29th.   Midweek Stableford

                   Format. Singles Stableford                                            Max 28


Sat. 3rd.   Sports Trust Trophy.

                   Format. Singles Stableford                                            Max. 28.

Sun. 4th.     

                   Format.                                                                              Max.

Mon. 5th   May Day Trophy.         

                  Format. Singles Stableford.                                            Max. 28.

Tue.  6th.  Midweek Medal

                  Format. Singles Strokeplay .                                         Max. 21.

Sat. 10th.  Rose Bowl.

                  Format. Singles Bogey                                                   Max. 28.

Sun. 11th. Ken Phillips Memorial

                  Format. Singles Stableford .                                          Max. 28.

Tue. 13th. Midweek Stableford.              

                  Format. Singles Stableford.                                           Max. 28.

Sat. 17th.  Duffy Trophy.

                  Format. Fourball Better Ball Strokeplay                     Max. 24. 3/4 All. 

Sun. 18th 

                  Format. Singles Strokeplay.                                          Max. 28.

Tue. 20th. Midweek Stableford

                  Format. Singles Stableford.                                            Max. 28.

Sat. 24th. St. Oswalds Hospice.

                  Format. Mixed Greensomes .                                         Max. L.30/G.21.

Sun 25th.  Centurion Trophy

                  Format. Texas Scramble                                                  Max 24.

Mon. 26th. Spring Trophy.

                   Format. Singles Stableford                                             Max.28.

Tue. 27th. Midweek Medal.

                   Format. Singles Strokeplay.                                           Max. 21. 

Sat. 31st. Medal (H/L Challenge Cup Qualifier)                         

                  Format. Singles Strokeplay.                                            Max. 21.   



Sun. 1st.  Alex Boyle Trophy.

                   Format. Fourball Better Ball Stableford.                     Max. 18.

Tue. 3rd.   Midweek Stableford

                   Format. Singles Stableford                                             Max. 28.

Sat.  7th.   Captains Day.

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                            Max. 28.

Sun. 8th.  

                   Format.                                                                               Max.

Tue. 10th. Midweek Stableford.

                   Format. Singles Stableford .                                           Max. 28.

Sat. 14th.  Chipchase Cup.              

                   Format. Singles Strokeplay.                                            Max. 21.

Sun. 15th. Chater Trophy.

                   Format. Greensomes.                                                       Max. 21.1/2. Com.

Tue. 17th. Midweek Stableford.

                  Format. Singles Stableford.                                              Max. 28.

Sat. 21st.  Doug Wilson Trophy.

                   Format. Mixed Foursomes                                               Max. L.30/G.21

Sun. 22nd. Medal. (NJP Qualifier)

                   Format. Singles Strokeplay.                                             Max. 28.

Tue. 24th.  Midweek  Stableford.

                   Format. Singles Stablefod                                                 Max. 28.

Sat. 28th.  Invitation Day

                   Format. Fourball Better Ball Stableford                          Max.18.

Sun. 29th. Medal

                   Format. Singles Strokeplay                                               Max.21.



Tue. 1st.   Midweek Stableford.

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                              Max. 28.

Sat.  5th.   Founders Trophy.

                   Format. Singles Strokeplay.                                             Max. 21.

Sun. 6th.   Dulux Cup

                   Format. Fourball Better Ball Stableford.                        Max. 18.

Tue. 8th.   Midweek Stableford.

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                              Max. 28.

Sat. 12th.  Help For Heroes

                   Format.                                                                                 Max.

Sun. 13th.  Andrew Hill Trophy 

                   Format.  Texas Scramble                                                   Max. 24.

Tue. 15th. Midweek Stableford.

                   Format. Singles Stableford                                                Max 28

Sat. 19th. Ladies Captains Day

Sat. 19th. Medal                   

                   Format. Singles Strokeplay                                                Max . 21.

Sun. 20th.

                   Format.                                                                                   Max.

Tue. 22nd. Midweek Stableford.

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                                Max. 28.

Sat  26th.  Club Championship 1st. Round. Gross & Nett                                         

                   Format. Singles Strokeplay 

                   Top 16 And Tied Places Tee Off At 1.30pm for 2nd Rnd Max. 28. 

Sun. 27th.  Half Century (Age 50 Yrs & Over)

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                                Max. 28.

Sun. 27th. Junior Half Century (Under 50 Yrs of Age)

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                                Max. 28.

Tue. 29th  Midweek Bogey.

                   Format. Singles Bogey.                                                        Max. 28.



Sat.  2nd. Club Championship 2nd Round.

                  Format. Singles Strokeplay 

                  Top 16 & Tied Places Tee Off At 1.30pm                           Max. 28.

Sun.  3rd. Alan Keith Trophy.                                                        

                  Format. Singles Stableford                                                  Max. 28.

Tue. 5th.  Midweek Stableford.

                 Format. Singles  Stableford                                                   Max. 28.

Sat  9th.  Summer Hunters Cup.   

                 Format. Singles Stableford                                                   Max. 28

Sun. 10th Alan Burn Cup

                  Format. Singles Stableford.                                                  Max. 28.

Tue. 12th  Midweek Stableford.                                                         

                  Format. Singles Stableford .                                                 Max. 28.

Sat. 16th  North Tyneside Open.

                   Format. Fourball Better Ball Stableford.                           Max. 18.

Sun. 17th.   

                   Format.                                                                                     Max.

Tue. 19th . Midweek Stableford.

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                                 Max. 28.

Sat .23rd.  Millenium Cup. 

                    Format.  Four Ball Better Ball Strokeplay.                       Max. 24  3/4

Sun. 24th. Clark Trophy.   

                   Format. Singles Strokeplay.                                                 Max. 21.

Tue. 26th.  Midweek Stableford.

                   Format. Singles Stableford                                                   Max. 28.

Sat. 3oth.  Bill Oakley Shield.

                   Format. Fourball Better Ball Stableford.                            Max. 18.

Sun. 31st. Tony Humble Memorial.   

                   Format. Texas Scramble                                                       Max. 24.




Tue. 2nd.  Midweek Stableford.

                   Format. Singles Stableford .                                                Max. 28.

Sat. 6th.    Richardson  Trophy.

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                                 Max. 28.

Sun. 7th.  Brian Beautyman Cup.

                   Format. Fourball Better Ball Stableford.                           Max.18.

Tue.  9th.  Midweek Stableford

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                                 Max. 28.

Sat. 13th. George Armstrong Cup.

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                                 Max. 28.

Sun. 14th. Invitation Day.

                   Format. Fourball Better Ball Stableford.                           Max. 18.

Tue. 16th. Midweek Stableford 

                   Format. Singles Stableford                                                  Max. 28.

Sat. 20th.  Bowran Trophy

                   Format. Mixed Greensomes                                                Max. L.30/G.21

Sun. 21st. Jubilee Shield.

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                                Max. 28.

Tue. 23rd. Midweek Stableford.

                   Format. Singles Stableford .                                               Max. 28.

Sat. 27th.  Victor Ludorum

                    Format. Singles Strokeplay.                                              Max. 21.

Sat. 27th. Stableford                                                                               

                   Format. Singleds Stableford                                                Max. 28.

Sun. 28th. J.Hattrick Memorial Trophy

                    Format. 4BBB Stableford                                                   Max.18 

Tue. 30th.  Midweek Stableford Final                               

                   Format. Singles Stableford.                                               Max. 28.

Tue. 30th. Midweek Medal

                   Format. Singles Strokeplay                                                Max. 28.


Sat   4th.    To Be Arranged



Presidents Trophy to be arranged.