Captain v Secretary Ryder Cup Teams 2011

By Admin - November 4 2011
Captain v Secretary Ryder Cup Teams 2011 In October the Secretary Dave Souter and the Captain Dave Chilton decided it would be fun to have two teams compete in a fun competition using the Ryder Cup Format over three days. The Teams were picked and over the three days everyone enjoyed themselves. We hope to continue next year with our Captains for 2012 Mr. Richard Atkinson. THE RESULT WAS A FRIENDLY HALF.  

Dave, Dave and Jimmy

Dave Allan. Dave Souter and Jimmy Dalziel."Well Mr Secretary do you think your team will win ?"That concept seems to have everyone laughing !


Dave Allan & George Wood

Dave Alan and George Wood. "George I'm next years Vice Captain does that inspire you to throw the match by any chance" !!


Eddie Arnold and Alan Edworthy

Eddie Arnold and Alan Edworthy. Well Alan I'm sure you'll be a Worthy advisary, if you'll pardon the pun"

Alan Kieth & Alan Berry

Alan Keith and Alan Berry. " Hey Alan a Club would be helpful. On second thoughts maybe not  at least I'll win ."

Roy Clark & Keith Cuggy

Ron Clark and Keith Cuggy. "Hey Cuggy put your cap on, your blinding me" !!!

Roy Richardson & Ken Lamond

Roy Richardson and Ken Lamond. "Roy do you really  think we look like Little and Large "?

Tommy Bradley & Peter Graham

Tommy Bradley and Peter Graham. " Glad you put your cap on Tommy. That hair could whip me to death ."

Brian O'Tool & Steve Robinson .jpg.jpg

Stevie Robinson and Brian O'Toole. " Brian If you think wearing your age on your shirt will make me go easy on you forget it."


Brian O'Toole. "That's not my age Steve that's how many wins I've had, so look out here I come. " 

No. 7 Bj & Steve

Brian O'Toole and Stevie Robinson. "There's no way he'll sink that putt he hasn't been to Specsavers yet. !!!!!!!

No 3 Ray Young

Ray Young. Just look at him go.  It's unbelievable what a new KNEE will do for you.