The History of the Club

By Admin - July 20 2011
The History of the Club     



The original Golf Club was founded in 1905 and was situated at Churchill Street Howdon, approximately 2 miles from it's present site. Promises to join the Golf Club were received from 100 gentlemen and the Wallsend Golf Club was formed on the 27th March 1905.

Subscriptions were 21 Shillings for Gentlemen and 10s.6d for Ladies. Wallsend was one of the original clubs affiliated to the NUGC in 1907.

The course consisted of 9 holes and the first ball was driven of by Mr. Crawford Smith M.P., partnered by Mr.J.C. Caird a member of the Newcastle 'City' Golf Club who planned the course. Over a period of time the course was extended to 12, then 15 and eventually 18 holes, however with the outbreak of World Wr 1 part of the course was taken over by the Council and used to grow wheat for the war effort. The course reverted back to 9 holes, and for this the Club received £100 compensation from the Government.

 In 1939 the Golf course was again taken over, this time by the Military and used as barracks for the troops and anti-aircraft guns. After the war, when the site was cleared it became obvious that the land was no longer suitable for a golf course. Then for the next 20 years discussions took place with the local Council, until 1966 the aquisation of the present site was obtained and the course was opend on the 16th June 1973.

The credit for this goes to Mr. John Heddon D.F.C. who was a highly respected member of Wallsend Golf Club. Mr. Heddon was Secretary, Captain (twice) and President of Wallsend Golf Club, and was also a member and Secretary of the original Golf Club before the War.

In the year 2000 further changes to the course layout took place, when holes 6,7 and 8 on that part of the course known as 'The Field' were closed and re-sited on the main body of the course.

On April 1st 2008 Keeping Inn Ltd, a Local Family Company, owned by Mr. John Sanderson, secured an 80 year lease on Wallsend Golf Course from North Tyneside Council and the site was re-named Centurion Park. Since acquisition considerable sums have been invested in developing and upgrading this well established Parkland Golf Course. The Clubhouse has been completely re-furbished and is a perfect place to relax after a game of golf. There is also a 24 Bay Floodlit Driving Range. The resident Golf Professional is Craig Fetherston who is happy to give lessons to anyone wishing to improve their game or take up the game of golf.