Throston Wanderers

By "Sir" - March 24 2009

Throston Wanderers

A name that occurs in the Hartlepool record over the years, sides bearing this name have played Rugby, Soccer and Cricket. Today, the Mike Gough Sunday League features Throston Wanderers F.C. but our photographs shows two prominent periods when the name was utilised by the Rugby players of the area.

Throston Wanderers, Second Winners of the Junior Cup but like many clubs of this period destined not to last long. The name was again revived with great success in the Pyman League of the twenties before finishing completely in 1933. Of the team of 1888/1889, Cud Hodgson standing third from right in the back row, joined Hartlepool Rovers and became an automatic choice for the 1st XV from 1891 until his retirement in 1900. His association with F.H.R. Alderson, in the Rovers centre, was a famous combination and he went on to play for Durham on three occasions in the mid-nineties.

This first photograph shows the earliest record of a Throston Wanderers RFC in the 1880s, which disappeared in the 1890s.

Throston Wanderers (Winners Junior County Cup, 1889)

Back Row:Mr. Ridley, J. Chivers, J. Dryden, T. Boagey, W. Hamilton, J. S. Horsley, C. Hodgson,T. Carr, Mr. Belk  Middle Row:A. Watt, J. Peek, B. H. Ern?, J. Moor, G. Spence, P. Suthern.Front Row: J. Shield, and J. Huntley.

This is the Throston Wanderers RFC that played between 1920 and 1933 and was very successful. They won the Junior Cup in 22-23 beating Red Rose on the Old Friarage by 8-6. The previous year the Wanderers 2nd XV was the first ever side to win the Lormor Cup beating Seaman's Institute again on the Old Friarage by 6-3. The Club's run of success continued and in 1924 the 1st team won the Pyman Cup and Flag and the flag flew from Throston School Flagstaff the following season.
The above photo is dated 1922 and appears to show the Club 2nd team that won the 3rd Teams Cup that season.

Despite the upheavals with the demise of the Pyman League at the end of the 20s , the club continued with some success, their Third Teams Cup Final success in 1933 was their swan song. For the record, when the Club arrived back at Hartlepool Railway Station in 1933 with the 3rd Teams Cup, the Mayor was there to welcome home the team and a 1000 people turned out to cheer the side.

Source Aid W Pounder / Hpool Mail / G.Watling.