By - March 24 2009

West Hartlepool Nomads

First winners of the Pyman League Cup and Medals 1903-1904.

Back Row: F. Dyer (committee), F. Henderson, W. R. Hardy (assistant secretary) T. C. Metcalfe. Second Row: W. Graham, W. Teal, J. McCabe, T.R Dodgson, S. Barker (President), H. Winn, F. Carroll, G.H. Smurthwaite, R. Watt, T. Robinson (trainer). Third Row: F. McCabe (assistant trainer), R. G. E. Tiplady, J. Richardson, J. C. Cloutson, T. Ridley, J. R. Metcalfe, J. Brannen (captain), J. R. Ridley (honourary secretary) J. G. Middlemiss, J. O. Neil, R. Douthwaite. Front Row:
W. Moore and J. Stanger.