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The first meeting of the club, which took its name from one of the ancient names for Hartlepool, was held in August 1920, in a room above Newton's pawnbrokers shop in Darlington Street. Those present included Mr. Proud, Jim Farrel, Bill Moon, Adam Houston, Ted Anderson, Jack Crallen, Norman Rumble and H Cassidy.

The Club as given permission to use Mr.Moon's stables in Brougham Street, later transferring to Holy Trinity Men's Club which has all the necessary facilities including baths, all with the blessing of the Vicar, the Rev. H.G.Cobb.

The Heortensians later joined forces with the Brotherhood R.F.C. and were successful in winning the Durham County Junior Cup in 1925.

Heortensians 1921 - Durham Junior Cup Winners

Back Row: H. Jarvis, W. Tucker, F. Nelson, J. Phillips, V. Forster, E. Robinson, R. Pailor C. Davison. Seated: G. Sayers, (trainer), T. Fish, T. Cawley, H. Gray, P. Maxwell, H. Lumden, C. James (secretary).F ront Row:
T. West, C. Hall, E. Noddings, G. Hodgson

Source: P. Maxwell, West Hartlepool.



Back Row: J.Armstrong, Y.Cassidy, F.Baldry, S.Birkett, T.Anderson, J.Crallen, J.Farrel, R.Howe, H Goodchild, A.Houston, H.Whitebirk, W.Moon and J Dawson. Middle Row: J.Proud, W. Best, J.Cowley, W.Hutchinson, B.Moody (Captain), G.Hodgson, Unknown, J.Vasey and the Rev. H.G.Cobb.Front Row:
H.Cassidy, A.Ward Chall, Unknown and J.Martin, (picture taken on July 19th 1923.)

This picture was taken at Darlington in 1925, the season in which it won the Durham County Junior Cup.

Back Row: F. Baldry, C. James, H. Gray, K. Foster, J. Phillips, G.Hodgson, W. Smedley, T. Lewis, K. Davidson, T. Goodridge, Cowley and F. Howe. Kneeling: Dawkins, Maxwell, Watson, Jarvis, Walker Farrell and Goodchild.

Info source: Thomas S. Cassidy, Blackburn / Mail Hartlepool