New Stranton Celtic

By "Sir" - March 24 2009

New Stranton Celtic

As this name suggests, this was the side from the "Old Town" area of West Hartlepool. Like so many of the Junior clubs of the time, they played in the Hartlepools' Junior Cup and took part in the County Junior Cup throughout the early years of the present century, and were among the founder members of the Pyman League.

Disputes about games were commonplace in these times and this happened during a Second round tie with the Hartlepool Club, Empress Rovers in 1901/02 season.

The first meeting of the sides was abandoned due to poor light, some twenty minutes early. The replayed match ended with a win for Rovers by 16-9. However, Celtic protested and the game was re-arranged. Rovers failed to show for this re-match but at a fourth attempt they ran out winners by just 3-0!

Empress Rovers went on to win their semi-final and defeat Hetton O.B. in the Final, at the Hollow Drift ground, by 6 points to 3.


Winners of the Hartlepool's Junior Cup, 1898-99

Back Row: J. Finn, R. Smith. Second Row: D. Muirs, A. Manning, J. Hewitt, J. Higgins, S. Harvey, T. Carr.  Third Row: M. Morran, F. Spence, H. Grant, A. Bartlemore, E. Shaw.  Front Row: T. Byron, T. Harvey, F. Gallacher, M. Collins